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February 27 2003

Joss, Lose the Beard! Entertainment Geekly's Matt Springer explains why Joss looks better without facial hair.

I like the beard.
Maybe a goatee would be better.

This is what I love about Joss and his shows, we can discuss his beard quite happily.
Can you say ... MYOB?

I'd like to see Mr. Springer try juggling 3 BRILLIANT television shows (or 2 and a potential movie deal) a marriage and a brand new baby boy and still have time for a clean, comfortable shave every day.

Why the man should be commended if he's able to rustle up a clean shirt every once in a while so lay off!
Wow. I didn't know that there were people out there who had more free time on their hands than I do. An entire article on the man's facial hair? Yikes.

Hell, if I were a guy, and specifically, I were Joss, I think that shaving would be down pretty low on my priority list right now, too. More writing, less hair removal, I say!

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