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December 05 2005

Box Office Mojo News 12/5/05. "Count The Island, Serenity, Judge Dredd and Equilibrium among Aeon Flux's fellow box office casualties from the genre." Hey, at least the BDM is being remembered, eh?

That's pretty much the only mention of Serenity in the article, but I thought it merited posting, since at least it isn't being forgotten, and the serious sci-fi drought in our midst is being taken note of.

And did anyone actually happen to see Aeon Flux this weekend? I'm curious.

The only movie I've seen since Serenity was Harry Potter. Definitely worth my money which I'm not sure I could say the same for Aeon.
Random pointless titbit - Aeon was supposed to open soon after Serenity, but they shifted it to last weekend.
Haven't seen Aeon Flux, but the previews were dreadful. Horrible dialog.
The Aeon Flux trailer I saw before Serenity was laughable. And by that I mean I laughed at it.
Yep, it doesn't seem like Aeon Flux is worth the trouble, but I'll probably end up renting it on DVD.

And, yeah, Harry Potter was the only other movie I saw after Serenity thus far too. Ofcourse, over here they opened 5 days apart, so it's not all that weird. And to my huge surprise I actually liked it. After being dissapointed with the previous Potter movie, which everyone seemed to think was brilliant, I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie was actually quite nice. I've already rewatched it, even.
Noting that Aeon Flux is getting drubbed at Rotten Tomatoes. 15%. Yikes!
"That's not fear, it's anger".

It's sort of what I felt right after watching Aeon's trailer. It just made me sadder, that people over here won't get "Serenity" released to the big screens. Even more, because both share that UIP logo thing right before it.
I haven't seen anything since Serenity, which I saw twice. A few days after I saw it the first time I came down with the flu, which the next week became pneumonia, which laid me low for 3 more weeks. But I drug myself out to see it one more time the week it was leaving. I took lots of cough drops and tissues so I wouldn't distrub anyone, but there were only about 6 people there. I took my daughter with me the first time and she loved it. We are both getting it for Christmas. And I really want to see Harry Potter this week and the Chronicles of Narnia, before the kiddies get out of school for Winter break.
The only downside to seeing Serenity many many times was seeing trailers for terrible movies many many times, Aeon Flux among them. Thank joss there was also the Narnia trailer as well and Jarhead.
I too really enjoyed Harry Potter. I thought it was the best movie so far.
One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong. . .
Count me amongst the few (it appears) who took the time to get 'Fluxed' by Ms. Theron this weekend. Perhaps I'll be fighting a fool's battle here, but I actually enjoyed Aeon Flux. Considering the almost nightmarish feat that the filmmakers were up against in translating the mostly incoherent (although wonderful) animated series into a linear, cohesive narrative, I think that their efforts were mostly successful. If they had gone nuts with the CGI and wirework to pull off the numerous signature moves seen in the animated series, how fast do you think it would have taken the masses to immediately proclaim the film to be a Matrix wannabe rip-off? Instead of merely trying to copy the animated Aeon world and it's myriad combat sequences frame for frame, the filmmakers instead sought to play up the more cerebral, political, and sociological issues which were also present in the series. Personally, I get a kick out of troublemakers challenging authority in dystopian future settings. The Revolution will be televised! And by the way, you can catch Ms. Theron's television cohorts 'The Bluths' tonight on Arrested Development!!!
I saw the trailers and was thouroughly intrigued. I want to see this movie. Mind, I know nothing of AeonFlux beyond that one trailer, but I think a comparision between it and Serenity is not only not pointless but totally necessary from a non-fan point of view.

Don't forget it's the trailers that bring or don't bring people in the theaters (I'm speaking of non-fans) before WOM hits.

So let's compare just the trailers compare from Jane Everybodyy's point of view:

Sci-Fi? Check
evil government? check
hot chick fighting government? check
strange speech patterns? check ;) (DOn't forget we're talking non-fan here)
HAve I understood what the movie is about? no? check.
action? check
cool CGI? hmmm, not so much. check.
surreal pictures? check

So there you have a basis of comparision. The two movies appear quite similar if you don't actually go and see them .... :) So I think the reviewer is quite right to compare them.
Nicely put, Harpy.

When I saw The Aeon Flux trailer, my first thought was "God, that looks awful" (not much of a sci-fi fan I'm afraid) and my next one was "That must be what Serenity looks like to people who never saw the show".

With the failures of Aeon Flux, Serenity, Doom & The Island, I think it's safe to say that it is getting real hard to open a Sci-fi flick without the benefit of the huge pre-awareness you have on something like Revenge of the Sith.
Well I'm a genre nerd but Aeon Flux holds little attraction for me. I watched the show sometimes and while it certainly had its own style, it just wasn't my thing. (Certainly didn't like the art) The trailers for this movie were just 'eh'. I think it might be better than Catwoman or Elektra, but then that's saying almost nothing. To the ever-elusive 'mainstream' people I can certainly see how the trailers would look no different from those two movies though, so I don't blame them for not showing up.

And have movies like CW and E effectively camped, cheezed and cornballed the female movie action hero to death? I'm gettin that impression and I'm sure it didn't help Serenity either. Another reason why I think the trailers should've focused on Mal more... Still it's once again to Serenity's credit that movies WITH 'big name stars' do about equal business. (And Aeon at 60 m budget.....ouch)

SF as a genre seems very very dead right now, doesn't it? (Also Serenity's bad luck) Fantasy, jumpstarted by LotR, seems to be doing better, which is interesting because for decades, Fantasy was a footnote while SF was king. I guess Fantasy's due, but I still wish that the timing had been different...
Hmm...I myself have really enjoyed what I've seen of the Aeon Flux series, and I still thought the trailer looked horrid.

At least the non-Browncoats I showed the Serenity trailer to elicited postive responses...
Serenity and Judge Dredd SO do not belong in the same sentence together.

Unless that sentence was "Boy, Serenity was so very very very much better than Judge Dredd!"
Harpy makes good points. I saw the Aeon Flux trailer and my thoughts were “oh no, not another film with way too much CGI, so by definition there won’t be a story, same old sci-fi action crap, tightly clad females for teenage boys to wank off to, yikes, clearly once again not aimed at me, couldn’t care less about any of it and won’t watch it in a million years.”

Both the AF trailer and the Serenity trailer strike me as way too much aimed at a young male audience. Same as the Serenity DVD cover. I am no expert in the audience make-up of Sci-Fi, other than that I personally enjoy watching it as long as there is a decent story, but usually feel kind of excluded. When I watch, I watch in spite of, rather than because of the marketing.

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