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December 05 2005

Vote For Tony and 'Otherwise Engaged'. Both Anthony Head and his new play 'Otherwise Engaged' have been nominated for Theatregoers Choice Awards, if you've been then get voting!

As I'm going to see it on Thursday and have not seen any of the other plays then Tony have definitly got my vote!

Well, Don Carlos was pretty fantastic, I have to say. But I'll be seeing this next week, too, so I'll see what I think.
I saw this during the preview week: ASH was outstanding. In fact, everyone was great -- apart from Richard E Grant, whom I found rather disappointing. Of course, he might have improved since then. ASH looks very rough and dissolute in this role, not at all his usual suave self!

The play is 30 years old but stands the test of time and is very funny -- the whole audience was chortling.

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