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"See, get it? That's the point Joss. It's compelling! What's going to happen to these kids?"
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December 05 2005

Joss on the Browncoats. Over at the official Serenity site, there's a video clip of him talking about how important the community is.

Is this on the DVD?

Very cool. If it isn't, it probably should be. Although I must risk ex-communication (by disagreeing with The Man(tm)) and saying that W-esque is the sun that Joss crazed fans orbit, no matter which show they prefer. I realize that he is specifically speaking of Serenity/FF fandom, not general Joss-ness, but I'm feeling cheeky so it had to be said ;)
Where is it? I can't find it.
I think you have to be logged in. Plus, I think this is a more direct link to the AV files.
Angel - left hand side, AV-Room whilst logged in. Go for the Quicktime versions if you have Quicktime as the Windows Media Player versions are 'Buffering, buffering, buffering' here (how nice of them!). Be warned it'll take a while to load.

Simon - this isn't on the Serenity DVD, as far as I know. You may remember a mail from me a few months ago babbling about something to do with this..
I remember now, cheers gossi.
I hearby declare Joss the ultimate internet lurker(tm)! Look, Joss, you won something.

(Humour doesn't come across well online).
Don't worry, I bet we'll bring a Saturn Award home atleast (if Star Wars wins I'll rip them a new one).
(Humour doesn't come across well online).

Unless you happen to be the Ultimate Internet Lurker. He can do it.
The UIL - a new acronym to remember ...
Well done Gossi! That was very kool. It's true about it becoming a real universe now hey. We just had a huge Australia wide Shindig, (which I couldn't attend) and all the people who went are suffering some strange after meet depression. Luckily we've got a cocktail party next month to remedy!

Point I'm trying to make is, that the community in Oz is still at large, and as vibrant as ever.
I didn't film that, nixy.

The UK community is still fairly active. I'm pretty proud of what it achieved, and there's still a few targets people are aiming for here (BBC Film on the Year award and BAFTA nominations).
Short, but sweet. And true. Although I'd say that the center of the community is not the Serenity site, but the older official board of the tv series. That was the original official board, and in my mind it remains the heart of the Firefly community.

BTW, Simon, what are "brownocats"? ;)
AnotherFireflyfan, it's a political party, a spinoff from the Greens, a dissenting group whose name expresses their love for the soil.

Okay, I'll go away.
Never could warm up to the green board. The machinations required to even find a day-old thread was irritating and daunting.

I'm sure veterans can maneuver easily, but since I didn't visit that often, I never got the hang of it.

Brown and Yellow remain my Firefly sites of choice.
Actually, it's really easy to visit threads that you have posted in, and see replies that are directed to you. There are also options for threads you've recently seen etc. Personally, I have a hard time finding threads on the Versal board. Which doesn't even have a search (anymore), let alone a "messages to me" feature.
I didn't film that, nixy.

D'oh! I read that wrong. Sorry.
Short and sweet it is. I wonder how much more of it they'll be releasing???
Which doesn't even have a search (anymore)...

Actually, it do.
I've tried every file but I just can't seem to download this. Why do I always have a problem with their video files? The download keeps stopping after a few minutes. Is it only for high-speeders because that's not fair to us poor dial-upers. :(
Dial-up? Do people still use that? That's *so* 1992! :P


Thanks for the directions guys (and girls). I found the clip! (*triumphant music climaxing in the background*)
Completely off topic, but my copy of the Serenity DVD just turned up *gloats*. "Hi, I'm Joss Whedon, and I directed this mess. Er, film." Commentary shall now own my life for the next wee while.
Gossi.. how about a full transcription of the AC? Some of us won't be getting their filthy hands on the DVD till well into '06.
I'd rather a transcipt wasn't posted here. Cheers.
Ah sorry. Sure, I understand. Copyrighted material and so forth. Sorry for asking, Simon :) The Browncoat within just can't stand the long wait for more Joss-commentary-goodness..
I think a transcript would take about 4 years to type. Joss likes to talk.
For those of us who are still living in 1992 (and can't afford Broadband) could someone give us the gist of the interview? It would be much appreciated.

[ edited by batmarlowe on 2005-12-06 20:56 ]
Batmarlowe: Joss explains that there's a big community, orbiting around the official site (which he looks at), and that this community has become a real universe, transforming the (firefly&serenity) 'verse more than just the stories that had been told before (involvement of the fans, fan flicks, etc...).

The video is quite short anyhow (it is only 50' of what looks like a longer interview).
Nice stuff.

And damn you, gossi, I need that DVD.

*enviously eyes gossi's copy; prepares to pounce*
Thanks, Le Comite-with-an-accent

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