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February 27 2003

Sarah's Entertainment Weekly cover pic courtesy of There's also excerpts from the "Buffy quits" interview up at the ew site (spoilers in article).

I have to say its a stunning pic of her. But the future of Angel discussed as well in the magazine? All very interesting.

The end of Buffy is everywhere...
What on EARTH am I going to obsess about now?

Also, could they not have waited with this news until after wins the best weblog award at SXSW?
Well fingers crossed that Ripper and some sort of new Buffyverse spin-off gets made.

I'd love to know what other projects Joss has got lined up.
I have to say, I don't disagree with her. I love the show so much, but I'm still prepared for this story to end, and to leave me with my memories and DVDs. Which is not to say I don't want to see a spin-off :)
I have confidence that however this all ends, Joss will do it right for the fans, and keep the integrity of the show intact. No 'bobbyewingshowerscenes' for us.

A spin-off would be nice. A major motion picture, with the original cast, in the next few years would be BONUS!
I hope it's not going to be an 'it was all the little girl in the white room's' dream, or, 'it was all the lunch break fantasies of a couple of writers' kind of ending.
I seriously, seriously, seriously doubt they would do that. I seem to recall Joss has said he hates that kind of thing (who doesn't?). I think he has way too much artistic integrity to pull something like that.
PLUS Joss has said that the series is definitely going to end open to the future, to allow the possibility of spin-offs and movies galore!
It's a gorgeous cover, even if it's all about the sadness. I'm looking forward to reading it, even if I'll be cringing trying to avoid spoilery stuff in the text.

This better be one of those weeks when it arrives in the mailbox on Friday like it should.
You guys like the cover, huh? I think that is the most godawful jacket I have seen in my life.
Yeah, that's a pretty ugly top.

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