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December 06 2005

Christina Hendricks will be at the Flanvention. Just days away and the guest list keeps growing, with the addition of Christina for the weekend and the announcement of Tim Minear coming for the banquet.

Also be prepared to party after the banquet with another verse guest but I'm not saying who. All I'll say is he said he plans to add some spice to this bland event. :)

oh to be in California now that flanvention is here
I'll be there. Can't wait!! This is going to be such a great con!! :-)
Oh to be at the Flanvention.....

Christina is really entertaining, that is one heck of a line up.
I take it people here will post pics and anecdotes?
Just got word Christina has booked a job for Friday, so will be attending the Flan on Saturday and Sunday.

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