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December 06 2005

When Wesley Crusher met Simon Tam. No not slash fic but rather Wil Wheaton relating a tale of how he met Sean Maher at an audition and turned into a 'highly drooling fanboy' (starts around 20 minutes into the podcast). It's a really good listen.

Fantastic :) How very fun to hear about- Wil's a nice guy! Also note that the bit of 'The Only Answer' that Wil uses for bumper music (am also a huge Mike Doughty fan) includes the line "On the rails, among the weeds, I had a moment of Serenity".
I love Wil Wheaton :)
I met Wil at the mall in summer 1988, between S1 and S2 of TNG. He was very friendly, very appreciative of his fans. We were only able to get one autograph per person and I had some VERY rabid ST:TNG fans. He wrote a note: "It's not her fault! Don't kill her!" It was really cool.
That was a great story he told Sean. Really touching.
Really enjoyed that. I hope Wil keeps up the podcasting, he's got a good radio voice.
That was a fun podcast. And the story he told Sean was definetely touching.
Actually, I think it is fair to say that the story was a nice recounting of meeting SM but that what made it so touching was that it was also a lovely statement of what Firefly meant to WW and why. I liked what little of his blog I read, and I enjoyed this as well.
That was cool, was planning on having a listen anyway as Wil can be pretty entertaining but hearing him fanboying out over Firefly/Sean was excellent.
Whoa! I just went to download the podcast and saw a picture of my dog. Wesley Crusher stole my dog!!!
That was definitely a nice story, and I enjoyed hearing about his meeting with Richard Hatch too.
I love how Wil doesn't take himself too seriously. He was on an all Star Trek people Weakest Link episode once and Anne Robinson (is that the host?) asked him why he spelled his name with one 'l' and he said "Quite simply, its because I'm pretentious." or something like that. I laughed muchly.
I have a crush on both Wil Wheaton and Sean Maher. Ok, I think I'll have to download this podcast now.

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I finally downloaded this podcast and listened to it. Wow, what a beautiful story. Wil's step kids' experience with Firefly is kind of the same thing that happened to me with Star Trek: TNG. Ain't that kinda uncanny. I thought I'd send Wil a little note to mention that. And now I have another podcast to subscribe to.

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