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December 07 2005

(SPOILER) Julie Benz will guest on 'Supernatural' in January according to Mike Ausiello in his latest TV Guide column (contains spoilers for other US tv shows).

From what I can remember, the new WB show got some good vibes at the start. Is is still worth watching?

Eh. It has potential, but like Smallville, it's often stilted by overuse of cliche (saved by sunrise, anyone) and uneven writing.

It's a good way to pass time, though. :)
I stopped watching after Amy Acker's guest shot, but I've heard from other people that it's getting really good, and that it pays attention to the story arc and the dynamic between the two brothers. It's a show I'll catch on DVD, I just haven't been interested in taking the time to watch it on Tuesdays - or whatever day it airs. What I saw was fairly good. I just got kind of bored with the standaloney episodes I saw. But the week after I gave up on it I guess an episode aired that dealt with the characters' backstory and I missed it. Oh, and I sure do love Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki in those roles.

Supernatural has an old-school X-Files vibe that I'm digging alot. It's kind of like The X-Files without the FBI or the unresolved sexual tension - that is, unless there's some sick slashy subtext I'm not picking up on.

ETA: Speaking of The X-Files, how cool is it that the CSM will be guest starring on Supernatural? As a former X-Files fanatic that is pretty frikkin cool.

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CSM also guested on Stargate: Atlantis this season. He looked even more creepy than usual.
Simon, CSM (or William B. Davis for those of you who weren't fans of the X Files) actually guested on a couple of episodes of Stargate SG-1, as one of the Priors of the Ori. As far as i know he hasn't been on Atlantis.

I've heard that Supernatural is going to be shown on ITV2 sometime next year so i'll have to give it a look then and see if it is actually any good. I've heard good things about it (despite it's network of origin) so maybe it will be worth watching.
Supernatural loves it's cliches, but in it's defense it's as much an ode to horror flicks as anything else. I really dig the show, it's very deserving of it's growing fanbase.... lots of fun.
I really had reservations about the show when it started, but I'm really starting to fall for it. And not just because Jensen Ackles is a veritable hottie, either. But yay for Julie Benz! I really do miss seeing her on my tv set (not counting the Angel ((and some of the Buffy)) DVD's)
Great Battlestar Galactica plug at the end of the Q&A. Ausiello finally discovered the best sci-fi show running.
Some people I know love this show; I haven't watched because it conflicts with My Name is Earl. But I'll watch Julie Benz in it, if only to hear her wonderful voice again.
Supernatural is great. Much better than the other Lost/X-files wannabees that debuted this year.
My Name Is Earl is moving to thursdays, zandra so that soon won't be a problem. As for supernatural, I like it. Its the only teen demographic show on WB that isn't centered on "will the boy and girl get together?" but instead going with a sibling relationship. Its refreshing with its retro callback(the classic rock music, the car) and Jensen Ackles' character is pretty charismatic and humorous. Overall so far I give the show a good B+
I'm really surprised I'm enjoying Supernatural so much since I really wanted to criticize another WB show, but it's pretty much become must-see TV for me. And the music is awesome. Okay fine, Jensen Ackles, is a nice pull too.

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I quite enjoy Supernatural. It does have a kind of X-Files feel to it. I acctually had a dream I saw an episode were the two brothers went to investigate a suspected case of vampireism and it the last scen Spike looked up holding a presumed victim.
As far as dreams go....very cool!
Is it just me, or does Julie's role sound surprizingly like Darla's own origin?

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