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December 08 2005

No insistence on high-profile actress for Wonder Woman says Joss. "You don't do Wonder Woman because someone's schedule has a free bloc". There's also some tinsy winsy comments from him about the features on the Serenity DVD.

Jenifer Lopez! Jennifer Lopez! Yes, J-Lo. The ultimate Wonder Woman!

Ben Affleck! Ben Affleck! The ultimate Wonder Woman!
I'm still rooting for Morgan Freeman. Go Morgan! He brings a certain gravitas to the role, don't you think?
He'd certainly let me experience the wonder.

There was a great discussion on the US browncoats site where somebody was insisting there was no way Whedon would cast Gina Torres as Wonder Woman, as it 'has' to be a hot young white chick. If they're right, I'm not sure - has there been a black superhero woman before?

Personally, I'd love to see Gina as Wonder Woman. Very, very much doubt WB would go for it, nor that it would tie into the script well (WW's young, yo).
The problem with Morgan is that he canít go anywhwere without being constantly surrounded by a bunch of bloody penguins. I donít see that going down well with the llamas. And they are unionised. Could shut the whole production down.
I think Joss has absolutely the right attitude. He's looking for a good actress who fits the role, instead of looking for a big name who can carry the film or deliberately choosing a less well known actress over someone more well known just to be different. I think this will be a great film.
has there been a black superhero woman before

Well there's Storm in the X-Men for starters. Vixen in the Justice League of America as well.
And Catwoman, which I'm sure Joss won't want his movie compared to, even though it will be purely because it's a female superhero movie.

Charisma would be perfect I reckon.
Forgot about Storm. I tend to find the X-Men films surprisingly forgetful, actually. Probably because little actually happens in them.
And the conversation begins again.
Regarding Joss's tiny comment about the DVD of Serenity, I am assuming that this is the full Australian (and maybe one day in Canada) version?
has there been a black superhero woman before?

Quite a few actually, although not all that many that are particularly well known to the general public.

As Simon already said, there is Storm and Vixen. I wouldn't count Catwoman however as the "real" Catwoman is white. Beyond those examples though you have Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel/Photon of Avengers fame), Cecelia Reyes (former X-Man), Misty Knight (Daughters of the Dragon) and Shard (also an ex X-Man). Those are a few that spring to mind anyway, i'm sure there are quite a few more, however.
And Kendra! Let's not forget Ms Death-by-Dru!
There was a great discussion on the US browncoats site where somebody was insisting there was no way Whedon would cast Gina Torres as Wonder Woman, as it 'has' to be a hot young white chick

And the topic of whether WW could be non-white also came up in this discussion here.
Morena should definitely be Wonder Woman. The girl was born to become an amazon, just look at her.
Charisma Carpenter...
Honestly, I don't see a Whedonverse actress getting the part for the most part due to lack of major motion picture experience. I think a huge amount of this one also lies with the script.

Certainly, though, Morena has to be a front runner. She's done a major picture (Serenity), she's a little bit attractive and - you know - she just looks the part.
A little bit? Have you SEEN her? ;0)
I can't see Morena in the role, maybe it's just seeing her as Inara, but I don't think she has the prescense for it. Charisma is a LITTLE better, but still not close to ideal casting imo.
Just watched "Sky High" ( a kid-friendly super-hero movie) with my children the other night, and Lynda Carter has a role as the school principal. She was walking out of the detention room and she mutters something like "Geez, I'm not Wonder Woman!"

I thought it was a cute nod, made me chuckle.
Willowy - was Sky High good? Wondering if its worth a rent (no young kids in house - mine is 17)
It was a good family film, my nine year old enjoyed it the most. There's a couple of really good actiony battles, and the story is all moral and cute, albeit predictable. Kurt Russell plays up the camp really well. You can tell the movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and there's a lot of humor.

One odd thing, at all the teen functions (party, homecoming), they play all 80's music. *shrug*
I'll just point out that Gina is actually Cuban :) I think what people rebel against is the idea of changing a character for 'bad' reasons. People don't want to see characters changed (whether ethnicity or anything else) just at the whim of some hotshot director/scriptwriter or for reasons of political correctness. If the actress has the chops, she can be green and the fans will love it. So, I think its just resistance to change becoming a pathology as a pre-emptive defensive tactic. There's my psych 101 for the day :)
Actually, GT would be my choice regardless of any political correctness, etc. She clearly has the acting chops, she's been in several films, as well as diverse rolls on TV, and she has the physical presence for the role. The only down side is her age. (Let me add quickly that it's not a downside for me, personally. I think she's perfect. I was just thinking of the franchise issues.) As beautiful as MB is, and she indeed has a resemblance to the comic character, I'm not convinced she has the physical presence and athleticism that I associate with the role. But that's just my two cents. In any case, I don't think Joss will select either of them, so I think it's a moot point.
Count me amongst the throngs who would LOVE to see Morena cast as Wonder Woman. I also adore Gina Torres, but I just can't see her assuming the WW mantle. That said, I do believe that in the comics Wonder Woman (one of the myriad Pre-Crisis versions of her anyway) DID have a half-sister named 'Nubia'. Maybe Gina would be up for that? Charisma as WW? Nah. Too toothy. And a little too old now methinks.
I'm kinda hoping for a little known or unknown.
I agree with Zeitgeist, as much as I would love for Joss to represent his past triumphs for the fandom, I have to keep reminding myself that he's trying to fill the shoes of another genius, so he's gotta give props to Marston's peeps.

Also, he's entering into seriously black and white territory here. People are expecting either Catwoman or Spiderman. But either way, this isnt going to be another sleeper hit.
Gina was FINE in Cleopatra 2025 . . .

but I would like to see Morena.

(Edited for punctuation)
Morena Baccarin! She looks like Wonder Woman! Plus she's a great actress.
I'd say, from the various verses-actresses, Morena seems like the best choice to me -- if only for her spooky facial resemblance to some of the older versions of the character. Charisma might be interesting, too. And Gina Torres would be, in many ways, the most interesting choice. I'd like to see her in practically any context. (I thought her performance as the scary deity in "Angel" was realy, really amazing work.)

Others: A brunette Kristin Bell -- she's tiny, but I'm convinced she can "play" big. That girl can act. I'd cast her as King Kong.

As to Morgan Freeman, no way. I'd say Anthony Hopkins or, if he's not available, Gene Hackman. (He wore a dress in "The Birdcage"). Heck, get Nathan Lane!

[ edited by zeitgeist (spelling) on 2005-12-09 01:06 ]
I think that Lauren Graham would be perfect. She looks "Wonder Woman-ish" to me.
I'm kind of hoping for the unknown actress. It'd be nice to see Joss cast completely new.
OK WilliamTheBloody, now you're just baiting me!

Call me crazy, but I think Katherine Heigl could pull it off. Hair color? Easy to change.

(Besides, she lists Buffy the Vampire Slayer as one of her favorite tv shows.)
Not too mention how hot she is! Cause that girl is HOT!
Gina Torres, Alexa Davalos, and Claudia Black are the other actresses I could see in the role, but Morena has an uncanny facial resemblence to the comic hero.

Still, whomever Joss decides on is fine. I trust his judgement. He picked the perfect Buffy, the perfect Willow, Xander, and the entire crew of Firefly. I know he can do the casting of WW justice. I'm just dying to find out who it will be!

[ edited by zeitgeist (name fix) on 2005-12-09 01:07 ]
Not too mention how hot she is! Cause that girl is HOT!

Oh, my goodness YES, nixygirl!

Still, whomever Joss decides on is fine. I trust his judgement.

Amen to that, electricspacegirl.
I'd say Anthony Hopkins or, if he's not available, Gene Hackman.

What about Anthony Stewart Head? He did Rocky Horror, and all those crossdressing references in BtVS. ("You must perform the ritual in a tutu.")
I think Joss will definitely pick the right actress, and although I doubt he will pick any of the Buffy, Angel or Firefly actresses, I think there are any number of them who could do the job based on acting talent alone. I think Morena would be a great choice based on her striking, beautiful looks and the same for Gina, and she also has a tough, imposing physical presence.

So basically I won't be disappointed if he doesn't choose any of the girls we know and love because I don't think he will, but he could certainly if they were right for the part. I still think Summer could have been great in X-Men 3.
It all depends how much say he has in the matter. I would imagine Joel Silver and Warner Bros have their own ideas about who to cast.
Simon, do you think Joss would have agreed to do the movie if he didn't have control over the casting? I have no idea, but I want to believe that he stipulated that control in his contract.
Morena was the first name that came to mind when I heard that Joss was taking on Wonder Woman. None of the other "names" bandied about have struck my fancy.

She ain't ugly. (click)

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2005-12-09 02:33 ]
He has to have some say in casting, and from what Silver has been saying in interviews, he wants to make this an auteur superhero-piece. Likely from his experience with The Matrix and the W. bros, he's willing to give them artistic freedom in script and casting and shooting as long as he gets input and monetary control. Look at Bryan Singer with X-Men: he was a guy coming in with no big studio experience, but with an impressive resume (The Usual Suspects) and he was given much leeway with the X-Men franchise, with his hand-chosen bunch of writers and his casting of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine -- not only was he an unknown before that, Wolverine is like the most popular X-Men. That was a pretty big risk, which paid off handsomely, because not only did it make Wolverine a cool character, it launched Jackman's star.

I think a lot of the reason Joss signed up to do Wonder Woman is because of the amount of say he's getting -- already, they've agreed to his schedule (unlike the X-franchise). Whoever gets to play the part will be an integral part in the success of the movie, and I can't imagine him agreeing to letting the studio or the producers decide the lead actress. And as for how highly visible an actress she has to be, it's the role that's the star, not the actress in this case. Look at the new Superman.

I would like an unknown in this case b/c all the big-name actresses who have been bandied about are just all wrong. Either too old or too... bad. If it's either Jessica Alba, Biel or Simpson, I'm not going. I just, refuse. Of the Whedon-verse people, Gina and Charisma are both too old -- and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense, but since the story is going to be an origin story, they'll need an actress who can convincingly play an ingenue new to the world, not a fully adult & mature woman. Morena is increasingly getting my vote: beautiful, young, right features and just -- I always thought she was an amazing actress. There's just something she does with her eyes that interests me.

[ edited by dottikin on 2005-12-09 05:06 ]
I was in the "cast Gina" camp until it was revealed to be an origin story, and with hope, a franchise. I still think she would be a stunning Wondy, but as a more mature WW.

If I had to pick an actor from the Joss-farm, I would go with Morena. Not only does she have the look, but she has the chops, as well. She is a front-runner in my mind.

But, I'd be happy with an unknown. For the most part, I have adored the actors Joss has gone with, and a few of them are now among my very favorites. So I do look forward to whoever gets the part; I know she'll be perfect for the story Joss wants to tell.
Out of the Whedonverse actresses, I'd pick either Gina Torres or Morena Baccarin. I just can't decide. They would both be brilliant.

But I really am hoping that Joss decides to go with a new face. She doesn't have to be a big actress; I mean, who the hell was Christopher Reeve before he did Superman? And look how amazing he was in that film! Then again, Brandon Routh looks quite horrible in the new Superman Returns. But this is Joss we're talking. He'll make some bold choices.
As much as I love Gina and Charisma, I'm going with Morena. She is afterall an unknown to most people. Whatever Joss decides is cool with me! Looking EXTREMELY forward to this decision so we can all stop playing the guessing game :)

Katherine Heigl is a hotty indeed! hmmmm.....
Where has all the Captain love gone? It's blatantly obvious that Nathan Fillion was born to play the role. After all, he's got the twirl down to pat.
There is no way a director would get complete control over casting. Mainly in case they cast Haley Joel Osmond as Wonder Woman (that kid is in everything).

As always, realising a project this big will be a lot of give and take between an awful lot of people - including studio people. I'd imagine this is going to be a pretty huge production, and if/when this reaches preproduction stage with Joss we won't see him for a few months.

If I was going to peg this one by the way, I'd say optimistically preproductin for spring, shooting summer, release 2006. Oh yes. (Gets the whip out - work it Whedon!).
Gene Wilder is certainly tall enough.
Morena Baccarin stands the best chance for WW based on her age. While Gina Torres and Charisma Carpenter would've been fun, they're long shots here. MB might not have the physically imposing thing yet, but hey, that's what training and camera work are for. Almost everyone who does these superhero roles has to train for weeks beforehand anyway. Nobody is that buff or coordinated unless they're already doing that kind of role, ie., Jennifer Garner on Alias.

That said, I'm game for an unknown to be cast. It'll allow us to come to the movie with an open mind instead of preconceptions based on previous roles. Christopher Reeve before Superman? LOL, he was a villainous tennis pro on a daytime soap I used to watch.
NickSeng, I think Jonathan Woodward might have something to say about that! He's after the part too!
I saw we pull out ALL the stops. Wilford Brimley!
Gasp! Jonathan Woodward in star-spangled panties! *faints*

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