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February 27 2003

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon officially acknowledges the end of Buffy. Sarah leaving, the finale, the spin-off and the future of Angel are all discussed.

UPN execs have indicated their interest in a spinoff of "Buffy," and Whedon said he's willing. The timetable is up in the air, however.

While UPN would no doubt prefer a new series as early as this fall, "I think ideally the best thing to do would be to wait and not rush anything," Whedon said. "There are paradigms that I've posited that could start next year ... (but) whatever came next, it would have to have at its center an idea as worthy as ('Buffy' and spinoff 'Angel') were. And somebody who's pretty."

So, if Eliza Dushku's new series doesn't work out a Faith spin-off is still a possibility. IMHO she's the only established character in the Buffyverse that could lead a new series. Hannigan and Trachtenberg are good actors but I don't see them (or their characters) as suitable for a leading role. Marsters could've been an option if there wasn't a show about a vampire with a soul already :-). Then again, maybe Whedon will come up with a new dazzling idea and lead actor (f/m). I remain hopefull. :-)

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"The WB hasn't yet decided whether it will bring back "Angel" for a fifth season, but Whedon said he's upbeat."

Ya ask me (and I know you did) - looks like the WB has made up its mind. How do they not show a single Angel ep during sweeps? They could have gotten decent rating with the Faith storyline. Seems like they've given up on the show.
I'm pleased that Joss is writing and directing the finale, it's a shame it's only going to be an hour long. I was kinda hoping it would be a two hour special.
Unfortunately, adding even one more hour to the season would likely put the show way over budget, not to mention the fact that the filming schedule probably wouldn't permit it.

I respect Joss not wanting to rush into a spin-off, but at the same time I worry about Mutant Enemy losing momentum and losing their pull with the networks. Buffy may be on the front of magazines today, but a year from now the franchise won't have as much power in the minds of network executives. Feels like now is the time to push for the spin-off, but we'll have to wait and see I guess.
I'm telling you, the future lies in a Jonathan spinoff! History will validate me!
Amen to Jack Gladney- AMEN, I say.
What I've been seeing over the past year or two is a slow but methodical swing by the networks to hedge Mutant Enemy out of the picture altogether. Maybe it's not a conscious decision. I've been trying to find an indication that M.E. has developed some kind of enemies and I can't find anything. I think it simply comes down to money. Mutant Enemy is for television producing what dotcoms have been for the stock market in recent years. There's a lot of promise but a large cost of money and while you and I find "Buffy" cooler than Google & Shockwave put together, the people who actually pay for television programming don't see the payoff.

There comes a point where investors decide to turn their attention and their investment in something that does the same but costs less. Personally I don't like this trend, but network executives, like stockholders, simply look at the bottom line. I have to admit I do the same thing. I buy the generic or store brand for two bucks less when I go shopping, rather than go for the Cascade or the Minute Maid or the Sara Lee. The generic brand is cheaper and I can't tell the difference. Maybe a more cultured palette would care but I'm not all that cultured.

That's with groceries though. Network executives are looking for cheaper programming and in that area I CAN tell the difference. M.E. costs too much money per episode, but if the alternative is "Abby" or wrestling, I'll be changing the channel. Cheaper filler for television time doesn't make it better.
True. I don't watch anything else on UPN and the same with WB in relation to Angel. If UPN loses the franchise entirely, they're gonna lose a lot of viewers.
Does anyone know what Joss Wheddon's spinoff might be? I've heard rumors that Eliza Dushku has already been confirmed for Season 8 and that the show could be called Faith The Vampire Slayer with some of the Buffy gang.

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