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December 09 2005

Summer Glau Interview. She talks about ballet, the River Tam sessions, music and of course Serenity!

Sure would've been fab to see Summer as Lily, but Serenity wins :)
Nice interview. Glad to hear she likes Sinatra, Holliday, et. al.!

On another note, I guess the whole "spoiler" thing is history?
She sounds so incredibly cool.

And that picture of her eyes...mesmerizing...
Ahhhhhhh, I so love the Serenity crew. All so open, so respectful of the fans, so in love with what they did. Makes it all worthwhile!
Chris inVirginia - to which bit do you refer? If you mean Serenity, the moratorium on spoilers kinda expired as December started.
Yes, Serenity, zeitgeist, the stuff about saving everybody (well, kind of) from the Reavers...did I miss an actual announcement?

Just don't want to run afoul of the rules!

Appreciate that CiV. We did make the announcement in a couple of threads, but it may have been on the low-down and QT. Still, it is as zeitgeist says - December 1 was the end of our Serenity spoiler-free zone.
Excellent interview. Summer Glau really knocked my socks off in her performance of AtS 'Waiting in the Wings'. I was really shocked to learn this was one of her first acting jobs. Joss must really have a nose to sniff out this kind of talent. I won't even begin with her performance in 'Firefly'.

Thanks for this article, Kessie. Good reading.
The White Stripes, Summer has good taste.

I just can't wait to see what else she does in the future, apart from reprising her role as the most popular female character of all time in two Serenity sequels and 10 seasons of Firefly, of course. ;)

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