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December 09 2005

Official: 'Kitchen Confidential' closed. Nick Brendon's comedy bites the dust as Fox says the show "has had its final air date."

"When it finally did return Monday (Dec. 5), it did so to meager ratings, leading the network to pull the show."

I'm impressed it pulled 3.4 million viewers. Only on Fox is this considered horrible after it being off the air for, what, a month? Its actually a testament to how much those who watch it like it that they even knew it was coming back. The cancellation of this show was Fox deciding to can it and then doing their best to fulfill their own prophecy.
FOX. Again. Booooooooooo!

Now that they aren't battling over a time slot, maybe Nick can guest star in Aly's sitcom.
Well yay! Maybe they can put on more of that fine comedy 'Stacked'!!
Fox expects it's shows to earn ABC, NBC and CBS-sized ratings and it's killing the network creatively. Great new shows just learning to walk and finding an audience get killed prematurely because Fox thinks it's one of the big three networks. If Fox would just accept that it's true competition is UPN and the WB, maybe the suits could finally be satisfied with 3.4 million viewers and grow their shows from there. If I was an actor or writer in the biz, I would hate to work for Fox. I mean, how excited can you really get announcing to your friends "our pilot was just picked up by Fox"...? That's like a temp job these days.
Ooh, ouch.
And that last episode was too funny, too.
That sucks, it was quite a good show, and the last episode was very funny. Does anyone at the Fox network have any patience at all, they show 3 episodes, take it off the air for 2 months, and then cancel it because the 4th didn't get the ratings they wanted.

Can't imagine it'll end up on DVD, seems a waste of Fox's money to just not air them.

Seems strange that they're airing reruns of another cancelled (or as good as) show, maybe they haven't given up on Arrested Development yet.
Sigh... it was a funny show. It was great seeing John Francis Daley again, and Nick Brendon, and Bradley Cooper. Plus the last two episodes were quite good.

It's too bad, it was quirky fun.

Ghost Spike, the Arrested Development thing may have something to do with the fact that the show is in it's third year. I haven't heard many cases of a show getting yanked off the air while in the third or fourth season.
I understand why they cancelled it, but I really don't understand why they had ordered three new episodes.
I'm impressed it pulled 3.4 million viewers.

Me too. I would gladly have been one of them had I realized it was finally back, and I'm pretty peeved I missed it.
But the last episode was so good! Nicky vs. Crazy Bread Guy in the basement was hysterical. Nick was so in his comic element. I laughed during the entire episode.

I'm sad this got cancelled. Fox doesn't believe in it's programs unless it's a big money hit. It doesn't matter how pandering it is to the lowest common denominator, they only support it if it's another American Idol.

Nicky and Brad, you deserve better. You guys should totally do a wacky HBO show together. I wish you both luck, you're two of my favorite genre actors.

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In their credit, Fox did stand up for Arrested Development for 2 and a half seasons, that's some dedication for such a low-rated but great show.
I agree Rabid, I temporarily forgot about that. Yes, for some odd reason (probably the Emmys and Ron Howard's involvement), they stuck by AD. I still think it deserved to continue, but damn, that show sure would fit better on a cable network like, yes, I'll say it again, HBO.

There's a rumor floating around that a cable network may be interested in AD. Anyone know if there's truth to that?
I feel sick. That was the funniest episode yet. Hjermsted has it right -- if FOX could only realize their competition is UPN/WB and not the 'big three' there would be a lot more room for creative growth and in the long run more profits for them (but not in the short run, and the short run is apparently all they care about -- they are quite literally short-sighted).
That's the unfortunate thing about shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives, which right out of the bat bring in that many viewers (heck even Invasion managed to pull in some great numbers early on.)

Fox considers themselves that big a heavyweight, and they are looking for the show that will automaticly grab itself that type of fanbase, that way you don't invest in a show like Arrested Development that runs for three years and has declining numbers despite a great fanbase.

I don't condone what Fox does, but it's their business sadly enough. I watch a few Fox shows, so it would make me a hypocrite to totally denounce them, but their policies force me to be extremely cautious before jumping onboard their shows. The only show in the past year I watched from the first episode was the Inside, and where is that these days?
I agree, that was the funniest ep to date. I'm really disappointed this wasn't given an honest chance. I've heard shows like Reunion are being cancelled too (never watched that one), will FOX have anything on? Sure, 24 comes back on soon, but other than that, what will they have on during the week? Prison Break isn't back on until March...I just picture FOX thinking that static is better than not competing with the Big Three.
I figured it wouldn't last, but still I am sad about it. It was one of the three shows I was making a point to see this season. (Veronica Mars and Numbers are the two others.) Nick's part was too small though, I hope he gets something else that does better, ie not immediately cancelled. And I did think it was funny!

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Sunday has Simpsons, Family Guy. Monday has 24. Tuesday has House. Wednesday has American Idol Results Show and Bones. Thursday has OC. Friday..Ok. You got me there. I think Malcom In The Middle is there?
So very sad. My very best to Bradley, Nick, and the entire cast/crew. I am truely heart broken. Totally saw it coming though. grrrrr arrrrrgh

Not sure if the OC will last much longer, it's really bad this year.
Yeah, we kinda' saw it coming with the ratings. So sorry for Nick. However, I'm very confident we'll see Nick again in another series next season. You can't keep that kind of talent down. Good luck, Nick!
I don't see OC lasting much longer either Harm. How can they even make it work

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Well, that's just... Shit. I want more Nick in my TV diet.
The only way I knew that last episode was going to be on was because I saw a promo--one promo--on the Simpsons. I feel really bad for NB and for myself since it means no NB.
I only knew it was on because my brother IM'd me asking if I was watching Arrested Development, which was half over. So I turned on my TV and watched the rest of that and KC. I had assumed Fox wasn't airing any more episodes of both shows for a while. They sure like to keep us guessing don't they?
Okay, anyone here even remotely shocked by this turn of events, put your hands up now!


Nobody? Nope, didn't think so!
The OC is in ratings trouble. It's having trouble against Smallville and Joey, which says it all really.
"The OC is in ratings trouble". Words to warm the soul on a cold winters day! :)
::::: sob :::::

The Michael Vartan guest spot was PRICELESS. Priceless. I'd pay thousands just to have Nick B. Micael M. and Bradley C do sock puppets in my living room.

Although I had that feeling when we watched it on Monday. . . that it might be the last time I'd see them all in this particular show. At least they went out on a high note. That was a fine fine piece of comedy.
Good ol' stupid Fox. I happened to watch part of the show this week, and thought it seemed good enough to watch it in the future. That must have been what doomed it.
This is disappointing but Nick is a good actor and I'm sure he'll find another project soon enough.
I also only stumbled across it the other night because it's been so long since it's been on. This is typical of Fox to not promote a show, take it off the air for long periods, suddenly stick it on for one episode and then claim the ratings suck so we're cancelling it.

Anyway, the episode was delightful and I enjoyed Michael Vartan in this half hour guest spot more than I did his entire run on Alias. He was very funny in his part and it would have been great to see him as a recurring character.
Here's hoping that Unholy takes off, eh?
I haven't seen Kitchen Confidental but I'm disappointed. I like Bradley Cooper and of course Nicholas Brendon, so hopefully they will release the DVD with all the episodes that have been produced, at some point.

At least this might mean Nick can now do Xander- The Movie.
Wonder how long it will take for the remaining episodes to leak out onto the internet. The one that was on the MySpace site is no longer there, was that the Michael Vartan episode?

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Poor Nick :(
I hope Unholy will do well, he deserves it.

Please Rob Thomas, give him a job in Veronica Mars!
Please Rob Thomas, give him a job in Veronica Mars!

Ooh, good idea, AtV! I'd love to see that. Then Nicky could act with Charisma AND Alyson again! Heehee.
The one on the internet was with the bunnies and female chef.
I finally managed to catch the first episode of this show and I'm shaking my head as I've done many times before when dealing with FOX shows. I think if they stuck with this one it would have been a keeper. A strong, strong show from the guy what gave us Sex and the City, a series you can catch on many channels at almost any time of the day in syndication, now.

FOX - Amazing Development division, crappy network.

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Darren Star also gave us Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210. Both highly successful series. I wonder what he thinks of all of this.

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