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December 09 2005

Fox's cancellation of Reunion continues in the tradition of Firefly and Wonderfalls says Matt Roush. The last question on the page.

I have this week's episode on the DVR but I'm struggling to hit play when I know the producers didn't get to film a resolution. Its like 24 getting cut at episode 12.
I'm sorry, never got a chance to view 'Reunion'. Was it good?
I gave up on it after not even finishing the third ep, but your mileage may vary.
I gave up because I missed the third ep and was compltely lost. It's a show that would be difficult to watch on broadcast, but great on DVD.

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I tried watching the pilot, but at least half the main characters were intensely dislikable, so I gave up.
It's good in that really guilty pleasure kind of way. The story lines are ridiculous by it's like the actors and writers don't know it. I'm completely adicted to it and the thought of not being able to get any kind of closure is extreemly irksome to me.
It's a terrible show, but it's so terrible it's good. I mean... any plot twist you can dream up, the writers will do it. Secret pregnancies, fake paralysis, abusive husbands, fake gay movie star husbands, half-fake kidnappings, car accidents (in which the sober passenger lies about being the driver and gets falsely imprisoned, natch), shootings, pill-popping, green-card marriages, a vengeful detective... the producers say it's "intricately plotted," and it totally is, but it's intricately plotted in the most gloriously bad way possible.

Anyway, I'm disappointed it got canceled before we could find out who killed Samantha, but I am still watching until it gets taken off the air, because I'm hoping some of the other mysteries get answered (like how did Craig get (fake) paralyzed, why did Will become a priest, what made Carla so bitter, what happened to Aaron's "wife" and daughter, etc.).
I mean... any plot twist you can dream up, the writers will do it.

When you only have (at most) one season to do a show, you've got to cram it all in =)

I've been watching Reunion from the start, and I think it's decent entertainment compared to the overall level of broadcast television. The one year/one episode concept keeps things fresh from episode to episode, and I always enjoy following stories spanning a longer period of time.

And as Cranberry said, I intend to keep watching the remaining episodes as well if only to find out about the numerous remaining mysteries. I also think it's inevitable that the intended killer will be revealed after the show has run its course, so closure in some form is to be expected. It's not like getting a full season but it's better than nothing, though.
In any way comparing Reunion to Wonderfalls and Firefly seems pretty insulting.
TamaraC, Matt didn't really compare Reunion to Wonderfalls and Firefly, he was just saying how readers have complained about the cancellations of many shows on Fox, including Firefly and Wonderfalls.
Thanks, vampire dan. I kinda missed that in my skimming.

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