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December 10 2005

Another new SMG film? Gellar said to be in negotiations for 'Streetlight' - another supernatural-type thriller (scroll down to the fourth film listed).

Director Nicolas Van Pallandt is from the Netherlands. His only previous film is 'Making Waves' (a British film), but he also wrote for a long-running Dutch sit-com called "Oppassen!!!"

'Oppassen' is the least funny sitcom in the history of Dutch television. It was seriously dull. And that's me speaking as an ex-employee of the broadcaster that aired it, and a relative of a former cast-member.
Thanks for that. Obviously there's only a short blurb to go on, but it sounds like another interesting one if she does end up doing it.

ETA: I really enjoyed 'Making Waves' for what it's worth.

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Does this girl ever stop? Seriously! A couple of days after The Grudge 2 is announced and then this is announced. I gotta admire her

2006 is going to be a busy year for SMG
'Oppassen' is the least funny sitcom in the history of Dutch television.

Bergen Binnen, the sitcom from the same creators that took Oppassen's place after it went off the air, was even worse. Worst show ever. Glad it got cancelled so soon.
Sounds like a "Da VInci Code" rip-off (if you can say that about a very derivative book). Nevertheless, it sounds like the kind of movie I'd like. I'd rather watch a so-so thriller than a so-so horror or romcom.
MAKING WAVES got excellent reviews, so that leads me to believe this could be a good movie. And Sarah may not end up being in it as she's only "in negotions". But the movies she's been in post-BUFFY seem to be pretty similar. SOUTHLAND TALES looks like it may make the mold to some extent. I just hope she doesn't get typecast is all. I'd like to see her in a very different role. Of course an actor can only do the material she's offered.

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Batmarlowe, I was going to say the exact same thing about typecasting. I was hoping Scooby Doo would get her into more comedies (no, I'm serious) but that doesn't seem to have taken off anywhere.

(And rumors about her being difficult to work with probably aren't helping her branch out any, either.)
Wow, Sarah is Bu-sy. Yay for her!
Difficult to work with? I'm not convinced there is any compelling evidence of that. Rumours like this are usually best ignored, I think. And even if it's true, somehow I suspect Hollywood is awash with people who are allegedly "difficult to work with". I'm difficult to work with (I can be a very bad tempered so-and-so sometimes)!

For myself, I don't think the forthcoming films we know about suggest typecasting - unless we count the fact that they mainly seem to be low-budget independent productions helmed by directors from around the world.

It could well be that her choices are dictated by what she is being offered but it seems to have resulted in a selection of quietly attention-grabbing projects. I see no reason to suppose these films will greatly increase her profile. She’s a recognisable figure but isn’t really in the public consciousness at large. That probably won't change but they give her fans something to look forward to - and the fact she has so many projects on the go suggests her career isn't quite done just yet.
Go Sarah Go!! Do everything you must!!...........and come back as Buffy in 10 years!..........I wonder if she walks around with a stake in her purse having been the slayer for 7 years. lol
Outstanding! Can't get enough of Sarah with her movies. The girl is really keeping busy.

This one sounds interesting. Best friend murdered, a hidden message on a CD. Is it possible to hide a message on a CD? Is that like spinning a lp record backwards? Sorry, the ole' brain is running rampant here.
Holy.... crap. How many movies are we expecting of hers to be released in 2006 alone? I know everyone is going to be shocked at how many trailers they see her in.
Well, there's a difference between amount of movies and amount of movies that get wide releases.

She's certainly not going to be doing any conventions any time soon :)
The "Sarah is difficult to work with" rumours aren't really rumours. There's one rumour, which to be honest hasn't really been heard about at all outwith the Buffy fandom. She seems to be pretty tight with all of the people she's worked with on movies, and with more than a few of the people she worked with on Buffy. As far as the studios, they're fans. She's willing to do what needs to be done to promote her work.

As for typecasting; I have to say I think the films she's signed on for at the moment all sound pretty different to me. Southland Tales doesn't sound like anything else, Happily N'Ever After is an animated movie aimed mainly at kids, Hunting and Fishing is a comedy/drama, The Return is a somewhat supernatural drama, this film doesn't sound supernatural at all to me... it sounds more like a mystery. Alice is based on a computer game. TG2 is horror. Then there's The Air I Breathe which sounds like a crime drama, so maybe there is some connection between that and this film. But all in all, they sound quite varied IMO.

gossi: I take it we're excluding Comic Con? ;)
Oh my God, Sarah is super-busy :s
This one sounds interesting. Typecasted in supernatural roles? Well, she has Southland Tales, Girl's Guide and The Air I Breath too.

2006 is going to be huge for SMG. Count me among the excited...
Very exited for Sarah! This film looks interesting.

Impossible, thanks for bringing us up to speed as to exactly what all this busy gal has going on.

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