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December 10 2005

Last-gasp, big-screen "Serenity" screening! With beer! This Thursday, Dec. 15, mere days before the DVD release, any and all Browncoats are informally invited to gather at the Kennedy School -- a Portland, Oregon movie theater (with comfy couches) that serves beer and burgers -- for what's very likely one of the last screenings of "Serenity" on a big screen anywhere.

Barring disaster, there will even be very limited amounts of free merchandise on hand -- including a handful of mini-posters and postcards, one baseball cap stitched with the "Serenity" logo, and possibly even a t-shirt or two. Also, Bruce Eaton -- the fellow behind -- will reportedly be there, selling his sew-on wares. Click the link for details, and use Google Transit to find an easy bus route. Let's leave theaters singing "The Hero of Canton"!

(Ages 21 and older only. No minors.)

ALTERNATE SCREENING ADDENDUM: On the incredibly unlikely chance that more than 40 people show up to this thing and the screening sells out, there's an alternate screening at 9 p.m. at McMenamins Edgefield and yet another alternate screening at 9:40 p.m. at the Laurelhurst Theater.

Otherwise, there are several mini-bars spread throughout the Kennedy School where people can hang out and chat.

They also have fabulous pizza. Don't forget that. Oh, I'm so there! I'll finally get to meet this M.E. Russell character I keep missing. Anyone going to this who wants to meet up with me and hang out with the PDX Browncoats drop me an email.

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Still playing Friday nights at the Riverview in Minneapolis at 11:15 by the by :)
Still playing, 3 shows a day, at Mainplace Mall, Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. I assume at least until next Friday.
The Portland showing sounds like fun. I loved Portland when I was there...many...years ago. I think a 3000 mile trip would be a little excessive for the movie. Have a great time, though.
God, the admins of this site should really do something about those hideous [edited by] tags on the front page. Looks very unprofessional.
Storyteller, if you have problems with the way we run this site, feel free to e-mail us about it. Your post here comes across as rude and, I have to say, unprofessional.
Oh, not fair. The Kennedy School is one of the places my sister (who lives in Portland) has always promised to take me when I go to visit, but everytime I do, nothing good is showing. I might have to make her and my brother-in-law go as my proxy.

But I found out my grandmother is buying me Serenity for Christmas, so I can't be in too bad of a mood. Saves me and my wife the trouble of figuring out which one of us is going to buy it for the other.
It should be mentioned that the movie is 21 and over only.

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Serenity is even better with beer! I saw it last night with some nice cold Tuborg. Of course, I think everything is better with beer.

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