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December 11 2005

A great report from the Flanvention. Loads of lovely anecdotes from the likes of Ron, Nathan, Adam, Sean, Alan, Morena, Summer and Jewel (reg req). The report does cover major moments from the movie.

And if anyone from Whedonesque went as well, please let us know how you got on.

That was a great report. The following exchange was funny until Alan's comeback made me groan a little:

One of the funniest moments was when the guys were answering the question "which other male FF/Serenity character would you want to play?" Nathan said "I'd play Wash, only funny." Then, playing off Alan and the crowd's reaction, "Sorry... funnier." To which Alan remarked, "I'd play Mal, only not gay.... okay, less gay."

Yeah okay, I groaned and chuckled at it...still kinda lame of Alan to say.
That was highly amusing, as is all conventions that feature our BDH.
I think that's very funny. I love those guys and their wacky banter. Rick Bilyeu is there right now, the lucky dog, and I couldn't be more jealous! I'm going to hound him when he comes back until he writes up a report.

The subject of Mal's original browncoat (the one being auctioned off on ebay) came up, and Nathan said he'd heard about the fan campaign to buy it for him for his upcoming birthday. He said it was a very sweet thought, but "what am I going to do with it? I'd probably just put it up for charity auction." He urged people not to bother buying it for him, and to save their money or spend it on something else.

I wonder what Operation Browncoat will do now? I think they should seriously consider using the money for a charity of Nathan's choice instead.

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I guess you don't read much fanfic, Kris. *grin*
I was there yesterday for some photo ops - which I suppose I'll get around to posing on flickr eventually, - and for the Men of Serenity Q & A. I can't add anything about the latter that wasn't already covered in the excellent report. It was one of the funniest hours I have ever spent - and Nathan has a bright career in stand-up ahead of him, should everything else go south. But I also loved watching the other guys react to him and play off him, especially Ron Glass, whose slow-burning laugh is a riot. Unfortunately, that was it for the Flanvention for me. Looking forward to reading accounts of the other events.

Kris, I too winced a little when Alan said that line - but really it was in response to Nathan's customary feigned braggadocio and machismo, and in that context, it was a great response.

Shout-outs to fellow whedonesquers encountered at the con: RavenU (natch), purpleyoshi, Mal's Gal, and bdbdb.
Shout-outs to fellow whedonesquers encountered at the con: RavenU (natch), purpleyoshi, Mal's Gal, and bdbdb.

Now, see that is why I have to make it to some big event or another - so that I can wear my Whedonesque Tshirt and get a shout out too!
Just reading that report reminded me so much of the Serenity Squared Con - I just wish I had met Adam, Ron & Alan too.

But the good news for Uk'ers is that Starfury have announced Serenity3 & 4 for 2006 *squee*
Right there with you, Lioness.
Operation Browncoat status says "Shiny". I guess they won. Good for them, then.
Wow, that was a great report, and colour me jealous also!
I just got back and wanted to post that Joss was there tonight for the final panel. It was a complete surprise and an amazing panel. Nathan also brought the gag reel for us to watch.

This has been the most fantastic weekend ever!
KernelM, haven't been into fanfic for a few years now, but when I did I checked out the odd bit of slash too (Simon/Jayne anyone?). It can be fun. And more than a little appealing.

SNT said:
"Kris, I too winced a little when Alan said that line - but really it was in response to Nathan's customary feigned braggadocio and machismo, and in that context, it was a great response."

Yeah I figured, I would never leap to the assumption that any of the cast is homophobic in any sense and I know Alan was just kidding around. Even to jokingly use "gay" to playfully poke at a friend's masculinity though (invoking the "gay = less manly than a straight guy" thought process) kinda gets on my nerves. It feels like we should be so far past that by now and I stupidly let myself be surprised when actors or other creative types make disappointing comments in that vein, since I probably hold them to a little bit higher standard. Or I figure they've worked around more non-straight folk in their lives than your average joe does and would be more conscious of the way they speak and tease in particular.
And nobody has had the thought that Nathan might actually be gay? I have no idea, but don't discount the theory.
TamaraC, you never know.
So Joss was there! Did anyone ask him how the script for WW was coming along? Or any Goners questions?
Howdy, just wanted to let y'all know that my report from day 3 of the Flanvention is up now at the official movie site message boards (I post as "Painisscary" there, and posted the day 2 report that was linked here). I actually took some notes for day 3 so I wouldn't forget some of the great stuff that was discussed. Beware that it is very verbose, though I did break it up into five or so posts for slightly easier digestion. Hope it manages to convey even a scintilla of the actual experience.

As for Wonder Woman, Joss did briefly talk about his script. His remarks about the writing of the script suggested that it was difficult and going slowly. At least that's how I interpreted it. Someone asked about Goners, but he said he couldn't really divulge anything about it. He said it wasn't set which of the two, if any, of the scripts, would go into production first, though he is currently working on WW.

Also just wanted to clarify about Alan's "only not gay" comment. I tried as best I could to do the joke justice in my recap, but if someone takes his joke as anything even remotely homophobic, please know that it didn't remotely come off that way when he said it, nor did I or most people there (at least so it seemed from the audience's laughter) interpret the remark as anything but a goof on Nathan/Nathan's acting ability and a well-timed and worded response to Nathan's joke about Alan.

Without getting into a lengthy semantical discussion, I'll just say that Alan's usage of "gay" wasn't in any way derogatory (like some people call something "gay" and mean bad), nor should it be interpreted as such; there was no value judgement implied or inferred, just the comic implication that Nathan, who was playing a straight character, came off as though he were gay (and thus failed to be convincing as a heterosexual captain). And of course by trying to explain it like this, I've completely killed any of the actual humor of the joke, which, I assure you, was very funny.

And lest anyone have any doubts about Alan's complete sweetness and humanity, he talked today about, with the cast of Spamalot, raising over $350 grand for an AIDS charity (can't recall which one).
Thanks a lot for all the effort skeezycheese/Painisscary. A very entertaining read and sometimes it's good to live vicariously through someone else's convention experiences :)
Jewel said that once on the FF set, she'd said something to Nathan, but he didn't respond, so she thought he was an asshole, until she learned that Nathan's deaf in one ear.

He is? I bet Jewel made this up, they're always making up rumours at conventions :)
Yeah, I'd never heard that about Nathan before, so I wondered if it was just a joke. Those crazy kids.
Actually, I think if not totally deaf he maybe hard of hearing in his left ear.I noticed it a lot this weekend when people spoke to him that he tended to responded quicker to the people who were on his right than his left. He also tends to look at people when they speak to him, in a way that suggest he maybe reading lips a bit.
> He also tends to look at people when they speak to him, in a way that suggest he maybe reading lips a bit.

I was at Flanvention and this was the 2nd time I had the opportunity to speak with Nathan. In my opinion, I'd recognize if he was reading lips because my relatives have read my lips all their lives and are now wear hearing aids. Nathan is not obviously reading lips and I have previously heard Jewel say that he told her he's deaf in his left ear. When one talks with Nathan, he listens well. He makes eye contact with you to make a visual connection because often, if you meet him again, there's a good chance he'll ask if he's previously met you. Perhaps with someone standing on his left side, not facing him on approach, he doesn't hear the person when they're speaking in a lower or normal speaking voice and then they have to raise their voice for him to hear that they're speaking.

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