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December 11 2005

Serenity climbs to 4th on DVD at Amazon for preorders, well above Firefly and Universal's 40 Year Old Virgin. Additionally, whistler reports seeing a Serenity DVD TV advert.

Ha, I just had a friend point this out on another board. Firefly sits at #18, too, which is fairly heartening.
I stopped in at my local WalMart today and saw an ad for the Serenity DVD over the security sensors when I walked in. Here's hoping DVD sales are through the roof (like we all know they will be).
Firefly really has picked up momentum from Serenity. For instance, just this summer you were lucky to find any sets in Best Buy. I am happy to announce that just recently my local Best Buy had SEVENTEEN Firefly box sets, including two on display in the special display area (where they put the popular DVDs)!
I accidently ordered the full screen version then after the very educational discussion here, cancelled that and reordered the wide screen. Wondered if it counted as 2 orders?;-)
This is the Christmas rush. Hope it continues.
And, let me ask a related question. How do you search the archives? Can you?
I know there were some suggested places to buy the Australian version online and I need to find those again.
Lioness - go to Archives, and a search box appears (it got me the first few times as well).
Thanks gossi. Obviously I'm a Melvin. At least I am in good company.
Melvin anonymous (.com)
Ha, JusticeDemon, I saw the Serenity ad at Wal-Mart, too! Here's to hoping the DVD goes over well...

Additionally, my mother also saw a TV ad...
Captain Melvin here - Lioness, I always appreciate good company! Us Melvins gotta stick together!
Ah. Can't wait to get mine.
Cool, was still in the 10s when I checked yesterday. Firefly's slowly sliding down again though, wonder if it'll go up again if lots of Firefly/Serenity virgins get the movie for Christmas.

Speaking of virgins, bought The 40 Year Old Virgin the other day, was happy to see the Serenity trailer on there too, wonder if that'll help at all selling DVDs come February.
Woo hoo! Just a week or two ago it had moved into the 26-50 range (but still top 100 so that's still good) so glad to see it's been steadily moving up again!
Well, I just preodered 2 of them from Amazon, so I helped!!! :D
I've pre-ordered Serenity for friends and relatives, and I purchased Firefly for another. Glad to be contributing to a worthy cause.
Firefly's slowly sliding down again though...

In just the time this thread has been going, it's moved from 18 to 16.
I actually checked today, and Serenity was at 12 or something. Very strange...but very good!
When I went to Best Buy near Salem, Oregon the morning after Thanksgiving, on the Big Shopping Day, they had a huge section of Firefly DVDs ready for the Christmas rush. A section about 6 or 7 feet wide. I got two, one for each adult sister and their families. :)
Hey guys look what I just saw while looking at the superherohype forums.
This is pretty good, considering it's holiday shopping season.
Surely our llama can beat a couple of penguins?
Of course it can. Llamas are bigger and they spit.
Thanks, Caroline and Djungelurban. I needed a good giggle like that this morning.

I saw the ad at Wal-Mart, also. My girls pointed it out. We almost asked the manager if it was spoken for!
Shameful self-promotion: If you're buying Serenity DVDs as gifts this holiday season, I know some libraries that could use a copy.
killinj: that should be shameless, because there is no shame in such a good cause :)

ETA - just occurred to me to check and I'm sorry to say that rips of the DVD are already appearing on peer to peer services. The one potential positive (if one were to grasp for one) is that I've rarely seen so many peers listed for a bit-torrent download.
Penguins! I asked my parents for that movie for xmas. I didn't even attempt to ask for Serenity - maybe for my birthday in February.
Shame ESG! Shame!
This is great news. I think if Serenity can sustain strong sales for a couple of months then we will be getting closer to the sequel mark, and it will also lead to an increase in sales of Firefly, which will also again affect Serenity figures as people will become more enamoured with the 'verse and recommend it to their friends. Keep plugging, people.
Lioness, I probably won't even get MotP for xmas, since what my big present is a kind of spendy.

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