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December 11 2005

Mal's Browncoat prop goes for $12,372 on eBay (req required) to a private party, not to Operation Browncoat - their $8238 donated bid is going to be redonated to Equality Now.

Nathan wants the money to go to Equality Now, so I've added it to the subject.
Holy Crap!
Who's got that kind of money?

(is not at all jealous)
I have to admit, that's pretty damn expensive for a coat from a TV series! Apparently the seller was collecting all the money for her kids college fund - which is great.
it adoes amaze me the disposable money spent on EBAY

Equality Now sounds like a good place for the money to go
And here I am trying to figure out how to buy groceries this week!
Gotta be a trust fund kid. Or, just someone who can afford it. Wow!
Wow, whoever that is, s/he lives in an entirely different world than mine. I cannot wrap my head around that. But it seems like a win-win situation all around. I'm glad Equality Now is getting something out of this.
BTW, Operation: Browncoat will still be accepting donations for a while, for anyone who'd like to contribute to Equality Now.
Glad the money is otherwise going to Equality Now. :)
My Daddy always said there was a lot of money in this world...our family just didn't happen to have much of it. ;-)
Operation Browncoat -- that is such wonderful news that the funds will go to Equality Now! Jess and Mandy from Equality Now were able to attend Flan and see first hand the amazing energy of the Browncoat community. I'm sure they will be ecstatic to hear about your decision. xiexie to everyone invloved!!!!
The good decision we made (from the start) was to let Nathan choose the charity! We had somebody at Flanvention who was able to talk to him about it, and that same person was going to go tell the Equality Now folks yesterday too. =)
I'm really, really glad this money is going to Equality Now. I work in the same field and I've no doubt they need every penny! Well done Operation Browncoat!
jam2, Equality Now staff post here as username 'equalitynow', so likely already know (ooops!).

People who know me well know I recently exchanged emails with Nathan over something - it's a sad tale about how misunderstanding I am of email - and in those emails Equality Now had come up. Now, he probably already knew about it being a subject close to Joss' heart, but I told him anyway.

I did some rough didling of sums the other night, and I guestimate between the ComicCon fan table, this donation from people, the forthcoming Browncoat Book (profits to EQ) and Can't Stop The Signal documentary film (profits to EQ) they are going to get a lot of money from Browncoats.

And, trust me, as much as some journalists may love to paint Browncoats as obsessive religious nuts, I think the act of raising a shit load of cash for a charity which tackles rape, domestic violence, reproductive rights, trafficking, female genital mutilation and gender discrimination -- without even being asked -- speaks volumes. The focus shifted this year from saving Firefly to improving and saving lives within a fandom. That fills me with pride more than anything else, ever.
gossi, that was *beautiful*. well said.
I would certainly like to buy memorabilia like this, when I'm older, if I'm really really rich. However I know even if I do get a good job that is way too much for me to spend on a coat. Even if it is a very nice coat. But well done to whoever bought it, and that's two good causes raised from the money.
On behalf of Equality Now, I am writing to say a huge THANKS to all of you for supporting our work to end violence and discrimination against women around the world!! Jessica and I had a great time at the Flanvention last weekend - your enthusiasm and generosity are deeply touching. As Equality Now is an organization that believes that anyone anywhere can do something to help, we are very aware of the power of individuals coming together to work for a common goal. Your power is staggering! We hope that some day the dream of equality will be as real for all of us as it is in Buffy and in Firefly, and all of you give us great hope that this day will come. Special thanks to the cast for all their generosity, and special thanks to Nathan and Joss for believing in our work and encouraging you to support it. There are many ways you can help in addition to giving us much needed funding - check out our website at Love to all of you from Jessica and the rest of the staff of Equality Now.

it IS nice to show our 'charitable' side as well as our support for a fave actor, master!

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