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December 12 2005

Hi Ho Silver Awayyyy! The Lone Ranger to ride again. Brett Matthews (Firefly's 'Heart of Gold' writer and co-writer of the Serenity comic book) and John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men artist) are the creative team for the new Lone Ranger comic book series.

Note: Cassaday won't be doing the artwork -- he'll only be "directing" it.

Not a surprise, really -- he's already pretty maxed out between Astonishing X-Men and Planetary. I'd have been amazed if he had time for a 3rd book.
I never actually heard of another artist 'directing' artwork for the interior of a comic book but it must have happened before. Mustn't it?
It happens occasionally that a big name does character designs--like Alex Ross did with the magnificent Earth X, which he also co-plotted. That's how I read Cassaday's role here, anyway. But it's not usual, no.
Yeah, it's unusual -- and Ross is the only other artist I can think of who's done it, either. Definitely reserved for the biggest of the big-name comics artists -- the idea being that the guy's involvement on the book will sell it.

In Cassaday's case, I'm delighted to see him reach that orbit; he seems a genuinely nice person, and his talent is amazing.

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