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December 12 2005

Serenity website relaunched for the DVD. Holidays are comin', holidays are comin'.

Meanwhile, the film is less than $1 million away from making back its production budget.

(And how annoying is it that I'm getting a DNS failure error when clicking the DVD Bonus Features link on the official site?)

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Not quite, theonetruebix - those figures exclude exhibitor fees.
The first thing I'm going to do when I buy the DVD is toss out the cover and then create myself a new one.
Ya know if I was going to launch a revamp of the site, I'd at least make sure the links were working.
Ya know if I was going to launch a revamp of the site, I'd at least make sure the links were working.

Universal tripping over its own feet when it comes to Serenity?! I'm shocked my own self.
There's another link to the DVD content here, which has the quote “AN ABSOLUTE BLAST.” (John Procaccino, CBS-TV). I think they've missed Abe Lincoln's quote.
As Cyvus Vail would say, "I crap better quotes than that".

Surely it wouldn't take much of an effort to track down all the good reviews for the movie. We had 5 or 6 review threads around the premiere release day alone.
Biting internet tongue! Biting! Of the tongue!

Tongue just fell off.

DVD trailer.
The links on the HTML site work. The Flash site appears to have "problems".
Ok, I just squealed "dvd! dvd!" real quiet-like. gossi, you need some ice for that?
Is the flash site broken, then? I just presumed Firefox was munking it for me.
I thought that trailer looked pretty good.

Why isnt the "I'm not going to say Serenity is the best sci-fi movie ever made...oh wait, yes I am" quote one of the one's they're using?

Or "Tim"'s quote?

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DVD trailer looks okay to me (although it is a bit 'throw everything at the screen!' - but it's hard to avoid that). There is a slight issue with "6 rebels on the run" voice over happening when 8 people are on the screen, but still it's not a big issue (not like, say, the mule having 5 seats in the early designs... Oh, wait).
The site has unfortunately highlighted for me the ludcirousness of the thousands of Reavers on the front. To me, that just smacks of them trying to market the film to appeal to fans of Lord of the Rings. But as much as I love LotR, Serenity is just not that type of film, and I think perhaps thirty Reavers is not only more accurate to the number of those in the film, but also more realistic.

I liked the old site, but this is okay I suppose. I always hate it whenever they choose the cheesier quotes for DVDs, making them look really B-movieish. Something about the well written characters or gripping story is always preferable to something about the SFX.
Well, I certainly wouldn't want to offer a direct link to the Quicktime DVD trailer or anything.

Nor would I want to suggest that this sells the film far better than previous advertising, and far too late....
So, I thought I'd gather some quotes.

"It has a great sense of humor about it, an attractive cast and it’s just a lot of fun."
-- Richard Roeper, EBERT & ROEPER

"A space spectacle resonant with witty dialogue, accessible characters and kaleidoscopic action."

"Completely fresh, perhaps the best sci-fi film this year, and one of the better ones of any genre."
-- Eric D. Snider, ERICDSNIDER.COM

"The movie's space battle...have a swiftness, an electricity and, most importantly, a clarity lacking in the works of other so-called sci-fi masters."

"Han Solo? Your ship has flown. Indiana Jones? Move over. Captain Malcolm Reynolds is the big screen’s most engaging and heroic rogue in decades."
-- Jeffrey Overstreet, LOOKING CLOSER

"an action-packed thriller with a sense of humor, several ingenious ideas and a few startling scares... full of genre-bending fun and pop-culture trivia..."

"A science fiction movie for adults."

"An A-grade experience. The writing is impeccable, the chemistry among the cast is fantastic, the performances are great, and the action is non-stop!"
-- Clint Morris, MOVIEHOLE

"The best summer thrill ride since Batman Begins."
So they've basically recycled an old trailer, replacing the on-screen text with a voiceover, and don't bother to use any review quotes.

Are we absolutely, positively certain that FOX executives haven't infiltrated the Versal marketing departments?

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Thanks for the quotes gossi, nice ones.

Other than that, um, let's be positive folks! I'm thrilled that we had our BDM movie, it got good reviews, we've got our DVD coming and it's kicking ass at Amazon. So, Yeah!
I can be both positively thrilled and honestly critical at the same time, thanks. ;)
I like this one:

"...Double-barreled space-cowboy fun all the way."
I didn't mind that DVD trailer, even with the throaty V.O.
I have to say, I'm still not loving that cover art. The links are still not working either, that's a little bit slack hey.

I want the better quotes also, we have them, why don't they use them?
One link that IS working is the direct preorder link from Universal. Would they get a bigger profit if people purchase directly from them? If true, would this matter in the big scheme of things? Not that it matters to me, I've already bought my xmas copies on Amazon through Whedonesque.
I like the trailer too, and am dying to get my dvd (!!!) yet still abhor the cover.

Christopher, will your replacement cover art be for sale? ;) I will definitely be in the market...
I Just saw the TV Spot for Serenity DVD!!!!!!!!!! So cool....."From the Mind of Joss Whedon..........Serenity"!!!! one week left!
I want to see the TV spot. When's it playing?
Erm, well, I assume the ad that's linked several times in this thread is the tv ad.
Well, the links don't work for download and I can't do streaming.
The link in the "HudsonVC | December 12, 23:50 CET" comment works for download here just fine.
I kinda like the DVD trailer, just 'cuz it's more Serenity. Plus, if you ask me, it markets the film better to non-fans better than the other--excellent--trailers.
Notice.... on the main webpage at the bottom where they list the cast, Summer isn't even there. I sort of understand leaving off Ron based on space on the site vs. time in the movie, but Summer??? Uh, isn't she the focus of the main storyline and the largest picture on the DVD cover?

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