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December 13 2005

David Boreanaz joins the cast of " Suffering Man's Charity". He'll be playing a writer who happens to also be a ghost.More details about his role can be found here.

What an interesting plot. This could be pretty good. I find it amusing that they didn't make the obvious choice in titling this "Ghost Writer". You just know any Hollywood studio would have.
I find it amusing that they've gone with such a clunky title instead. Great to see him doing comedy though. And an intriguing role-reversal after being the one haunted by Spike. But happened to David being the one who directed it, as reported almost a year ago?
Oh wow, Alun Cumming and Carrie Fisher... I can't wait for this movie!
I think Alan Cumming is a highly underrated actor (Josie and the Pussycats - best female comic book character movie eva!), it'll be great to see him on screen with David.
This sounds great - Alan Cumming has long been a favourite of mine, ever since the High Life.
Yes, I like Alan Cumming as well: not only a brilliant actor, but an excellent director as well. David is doing a really good job of picking interesting roles, isn't he? Either he's very smart about it, or is listening to good advice...or (probably) a combination of both. A lot of people are learning what a good actor he actually is! Good for him. :-)
"Bloody Sean Walsh!" - Benny Hogan

And isn't it funny the title of this thread, then go one down on the main page.

Think maybe they didn't want to call it "Ghost Writer" because it sounds too much like "Ghost Rider"? It's not like the two are going to be released at the same time but they may be trying to play it "safe" by not having a title that sounds so similar to a movie that's going to get a much bigger ad campaign. Just a thought.

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I agree that the title is clunky, but the idea of calling it "Ghost Writer" just makes me groan. Hollywood would turn it into a slapstick comedy starring Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson. Well actually, Nicholson haunting Wilson doesn't sound half bad. It could even be a horror movie.
Wasn't there a film very similar to this recently starring John Tuturro and ?? (I want to say Richard Gere but I'm not sure)where Tuturro accused author (Gere?) of stealing his story and proceeded to terrorise him.
It was Jonny Depp,not Gere.And the movie was different than this one sounds.
Poster Boy- that was Secret Window, based on a Stephen King story.

Simon- I so agree with you about Jossie and the Pussycats! I loved that movie, even tho it was sugered down. Alan Cummings is fantastic! I had really hoped he would have gotten the role of Willy Wonka, I thought he would have been so perfect for it. Although, I do like what Johnny did.

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