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December 13 2005

Serenity entered for BAFTA award (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) by Universal/UIP. I was worried only Munich & Kong would go forward -- thank you to everybody who helped push Serenity forward behind the scenes.

Cool, quite a long list though, hope it gets a nomination.

There's some crap on that list too.
Legend. Absoloutely Legend.
These are the areas Serenity could be nominated for:

The Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a Director, Screenwriter or Producer in their first feature film

Achievement in Special Visual Effects

Adapted Screenplay

Anthony Asquith Award for Achievement in Film Music


Costume Design

David Lean Award for Achievement in Direction



Make-Up & Hair

Original Screenplay

Production Design

Thanks gossi - am I right in thinking you were a big part of this happening?
It's good news for the BDM!
No.. I said to some people recently 'Hey! Hey! Nominate Serenity, please! I'll give you a box of Shreddies!'. I need to go and buy Shreddies now.

In truth it's likely they would have put it forward regardless - I like to think so. I mean, XXX2 got put forward -- if Serenity had be left out, I'd be taking those Shreddies and eating them all myself. That's how upset I'd be.

I do know some of the people at the BFI (British Film Insitute) are browncoats (because they're members of two of the big forums and all) so I'm hopeful this will go somewhere. Oh, the power of email - forget that power of three thing, Charmed was so wrong. They should make a series about email. And sell it to The WB. Three hot young females save the world each week with their fingers, in pulse pounding hot action from the creator of Bribing With Shreddies and Dancing With Joss: Whilst Drunk It's Really Not Easy.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure this doesn't mean a thing. I mean, there's A LOT of really crappy movies in that list. There's Seed of Chucky, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Beauty Shop, XXX2, Pooh's Heffalump Movie and many more movies like that. Virtually every single movie released in the UK this past year, or so it seems.
As much as I love the idea of Serenity being entered for an award, the fact that it's on the same list as "Seed of Chucky" and "House of Wax?" Oh dear. Does every movie released get entered for a BAFTA? There are some wonderful movies on the list, but...."House of Wax?"
It costs money to enter a movie (not a huge amount). To be elegable, a movie has to be performed in London between certain dates in December for a set period.

Like I say, the next challenge is to be nominated. I think there's a good chance of nomination in a few of the areas - we'll see if it pans out.

Nomination is not automatic, and Universal have Munich (which has already had a private BAFTA nominee screening - the only screening in the world) and King Kong which are sure fire nomination winners. The fact they've put Serenity in it at all, when they know they are likely going to win something anyway, is a good sign.

Or, in other words, it's a slow process but we've passed the first hurdle.
I hope Serenity does well. It certainly deserves any accolade that exists, and considering it is up against such dross as House of Wax, XXX2 and Get Rich Or Die Trying, it has better chances than most.
Pardon my ignorance..."shreddies"?

I'm guessing kleenex? :P
so, um, no chance at awards for our BDH? I'm hoping that the Performance Categories were left out by a slip of gossi's fingers which were tired from all their pulse-pounding hot action...
If only I was a hot female...

Performance Categories are always an option (which I totally missed out, due to said pulse-pounding hot finger action). It really depends what Universal/UIP entered the film for.

By the way, Serenity's finished UK box office total is $4.7m according to Box Office Mojo. Pretty good going.
*bites his tongue*
Got a couple of friends that are BAFTA voters. Will have a whisper in their ear. I think the Shreddies option will only work if I stuff the boxes full of bank notes.
Special Agent Dale Cooper - I love you long time, ten dollah.
Call me cynical but I would be utterly surprised if Serenity got nominated for the Baftas. They ape the Oscars more and more with every passing year. They so badly want to be recognised worldwide as an important movie award ceremony it makes me cringe.
Simon - I'm not kidding when I say more than a few of the people on the various Browncoat sites are in a position to nominate. It really depends if they want to use their votes for Serenity, I suppose. I can't really approach them to ask as it's probably not allowed (or at least a bit unethical).

Random factoid - the first time this movie screened in the UK, long before the official early screenings, it was held at BAFTA's screening location in London.

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I think the Carl Foreman category there would be a really cool one for Joss to be nominated in. And I would think it's not totally unrealistic to keep fingers crossed for that one, what with it being specific to first timers.
It would be very cool and appropraite if Joss got a Carl Foreman award, esp. considering the man's life and "Serenity"'s themes. Foreman was, like Joss, a writer and filmmaker with a strong, not unpolitical point of view who is nevertheless respected by both left- and right-wingers. (A great documentary about Foreman and the making of "High Noon" was directed by probably the most outspokenly conservative of working mainstream directors, Lionel Chetwyn.)
I think it stands a good chance.

Didn't Shaun of the Dead win a BAFTA this year? Not that that really means anything except for the fact that I respect them more than the Academy.

And I honestly can't think of a more deserving director for the Carl Foreman Award...
Shaun of the Dead did win a BAFTA, in saying that it is a British movie, so it may have had the hometown advantage. As it should, cause it totally kicked arse!
I think Serenity will do well. It's been pretty popular over there, right Gossi?
"Good Good Whole-Wheat Shreddies!
gossi | December 14, 00:19 CET "

I read that Wickipedia link and was totally confused. It says "Shreddies" have been marketed in the USA for a really long time by a major cereal distributor, but I have never heard of them. Has anybody else in the USA? Could these actually be Mini Shredded Wheat or something, or are they regional, or am I just totally out of the loop...again?

I hope Serenity wins anything that will give it greater exposure to the mainstream audience, because the marketing sure isn't going to do it. (end cynical voice)
That's what I'M talkin' about, newcj.

Never heard them referred to as "shreddies"...ever. They've always been "Frosted Mini Wheats".

Heh, I've already thought way too much about this, but nice to see that I wasn't the only confuzzled one.
I suspect the wikipedia info is incorrect. I've never seen or heard of "Good good whole wheat shreddies," but if they're something like Frosted Mini Wheats (small Shredded Wheat with sugar on top), they're definitely not Shreddies.

Shreddies look like Chex, but have a malty taste. They're yummy. A BAFTA award would be yummy too. *Completely on-topic SNT.*
Nice segue. ;)
So SNT, do you know these yummy malty Shreddies from the USA or from the UK, where the yummy BAFTA awards come from? ...and are the BAFTA awards malty too?
Shreddies are made by Nestle but a quick google search seems to indicate it's only the UK branch.
Here is a Nutrition Information page which I link to mostly because it's got a picture of Shreddies at the top.

I agree that Shreddies are yummy, especially the Frosted variety. The Coco are also good. Mmmm :)

Edit for a good picture of the box.
and a close up of some milk soaked shreddies on the Flickr

[ edited by Paul_Rocks on 2005-12-14 19:07 ]
Shreddies sound a little like the U.S. brand Chex from General Mills.

Guess we'll have to start an entirely new site devoted to U.K. and U.S. breakfast cereals.
They look totally like Chex to me, too, bobster. Now, what did we agree Weetabix were?
Also, Life Cereal, of which cinnamon is da bomb.
You can find imported snacks at specialty shops. There's a shop next to the Horse Brass in Portland that sells British cookies. That's the first place I'd ask if I wanted to find some Shreddies in my town. I don't eat cereal, but maybe I'll make an exception for Gossi.
I've had Chex and there are some similarities but they're definitely different enough to check out Shreddies if you get the chance :) I'm a big cereal fan, I go through 2 or 3 boxes a week (unless they're really big boxes of course ;) )
I grew up having to eat Shreddies in New York State. This was, ummm, quite some years ago.
edited to add all you need to know about shreddded wheat"

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I've been eating Shreddies all my life in Canada - one of my favourite cereals and also useful to put in snack mixes, or just to eat by themselves.

OT, I really hope that the movie and Joss are recognized by his industry peers in Britain and North America.

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