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December 13 2005

Equality Now thanks Browncoats for the ridiculous sums of money raised both at Flan and by Operation Browncoat. Kudos all around!

On top of Browncoats stepping up with their typical deluge of generosity, Jessica and Mandy were able to attend Flan personally and see the dedication of Browncoats firsthand.

-- to the organizers of Flan
-- to all those who donated cool prizes (BDHs!!!)
-- to all those who bid into the stratoshpere
-- to everyone who helped or contributed to Operation Browncoat

well done!

p.s. extra kudos to James Leary who is the *coolest* auctioneer eva! ;)

Oh my GOD, a HUGE omission!! I can't believe we did it. Sincerest thanks from all at EN to James whose enthusiasm, humor, sweetness and consummate skill as an auctioneer made all the difference! Thank you James!!
Wow, this is a fantastic achievement and I think it's great that everyone raised so much for such a great cause. Well done!
Hey don't forget his ever so lovely assistant Jason Carter for taking the items around the room so people could see them better, not to mention rubing the items on his body to increase there value.

Jason Carter as in Marcus Cole?

Wail! What have I missed?
Thank you RavenU! Of course Jason was fabulous too - thank you Jason from all of us!!
Jason was a scream!!! pretending to trip and fall on that poor gal while brandishing reaver weapons.... and when he randomly blurted out "don't mention the war!" I nearly lost it.

and of course, the spittle. :)

good times.

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