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December 14 2005

New Officially-licensed and Limited-edition "Serenity" Movie Print Unveiled by artist Jason Palmer, whose work (notably this piece) has been featured here before.

Flanvention guests will have seen this picture on display alongside Jason and his wife in the dealer room.

Bonus news: those fans who are planning to attend Orlando's FX show in January to see Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk will discover new exclusive JP art adorning the program cover . . .

Those are beautiful! I love this new one with one minor nitpick, Book's head seems to be just floating there! I loved how Inarra and Kaylee looked the best but he still seemed to really capture everyones personalities.
Firefly Flanatic: Book's head is juxtapositioned with the Operative... If the images were the same size, I would have said mirrored, but... Interesting none the less...
I bought one of those at the Flan for $50. On the site, it says theres 1000 but mine says 78/1200
The order form doesn't allow for overseas sales. Boo.
So, the real question here is... "Why on EARTH didn't this guy do the box art for the DVD!?"

This guy is awesome. I am so envious and full of inspiration at the same time (if that is possible).

"Why on EARTH didn't this guy do the box art for the DVD!?"

My very thoughts, Daburcor - did you see the DVD concept cover he did for Indiana Jones on his site. *sighs* Just awesome.
Yes, Daburcor! That was the first thing that ran through my mind.

Beautiful stuff, but unfortunately I can't drop $50 for it right now, considering Christmas is so near. I mean, the $20 I'm spending on the Serenity DVD next week threatens to break me as it is.

If only, if only...
Pretty pictures. Me wants pretty pictures.
He's a fantastic artist, but I wish he'd come up with his own poses for the characters. Most, if not all, of the characters' looks and poses in his two Firefly/Serenity pieces are copied exactly from promotional photos. Which unfortunately just has these beautifully painted pieces reminding me of edited together photo manipulations that are popular within almost every TV/movie fandom.
Wow, brilliant. But sites like his always make me wonder how someone gets the rights to sell that kind of stuff. Does he pay a percentage, I wonder?

Then that always makes me wonder how you can have Buffy books that say "completely unauthorized" in the bookstore...

Rights are a funny thing.
I would definitely consider splashing out on one of these if he shipped overseas. Sigh.
Well he does have contact details on his site, send him an email and see when he would be willing to ship abroad.
There is a flow of positive energy that runs through this website. It's all good to me. Better to love than hate but it's also good to share positive and negative opinions....I don't love the artwork. Granted, it is way better than the cover art for the DVD but it just doesn't do it for me.

I think my level of appreciation for this type of work has been spoiled by the very talented artist of the comic book world. For example, I don't think this art is better than, say, the covers for most of the Serenity comic books. Its on a par but not better. And I believe that if you are going to put out a lithograph, it should be of a higher standard.

Personally, I'd much rather see a JG Jones or Alex Ross litho of the BDH's. (not familiar with them? Google Alex Ross to see what I am talking about)
Whedonesque got contacted by the artist's wife. She said that for any fans who live overseas to get in touch with them via email and she'll be able to sort it out.

So there you go :). Good news.

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