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December 14 2005

Alias Season 4 Trading Cards features ME cast autographs. Include autographs from Gina Torres, Robin Sachs and Joel Grey. In related news TVGuide columnist Ausiello column comments on the chances of an Alias spin off, part centered on Amy Acker's character Kelly Peyton. Beware that it contains spoilers for several other shows such as Veronica Mars, Lost or the fate of Bailey Chase's character on Las Vegas.

Why would anyone think AnaLucia's character on Lost is gay? Just cause she's a tough female cop. That's kinda embarassing.
Perhaps a visit to some Lost forums would shed some light on that? I would hope its not because she's 'tough'.
You know, I took a quick look and couldn't find a thing but maybe I am just looking in the wrong spot. I was kinda thrown by the question cause there isn't a thing about the character that would suggest she's gay. In fact, there is a lot to suggest she isn't.
Theres rumors that Michelle Rodriguez herself is gay but thats the only gay stuff I've seen.

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