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December 14 2005

Keith Topping to review Official Serenity Visual Companion by Joss Whedon on his new radio show on Radio Newcastle . Airdate December 19th 6:30pm GMT.

Keith Topping, the author of The Complete Slayer and Hollywood Vampire is starting his own monthly book show on BBC local radio on 19th December at 6:30pm GMT (that's 1:30pm EST, 10:30am PST and, if you live anywhere else, work out your own time zones!)

The first show will feature a review of the official Serenity Visual Companion by Joss Whedon.

"BBC Radio Newcastle's The Book Show is the creation of its presenter, local author, journalist and broadcaster Keith Topping. The aim of the show is to give listeners an insight into the - sometime bewildering - publishing world and provide them with tips on books that they may be interested in reading.

The monthly programme, which begins with a pre-Christmas Show on 19th December 2005, offers reviews of new and recent releases, write-in competitions, interviews with authors and publishers and a Book of a Month."

To listen in, go to and click the "Listen Live" icon.

I've swapped your headline with your subject line for the benefit of the people who use our RSS feed. This sounds cool, I'll try and listen to this. I have 'Beyond the Gate' in the house.

I'd love my own radio show or podcast thing.
I hope it gets a good review. It certain deserves it, it's such a fantastic book in every sense. The script on its own is well worth the money, never mind having, in addition to that, deleted scenes, behind the scenes photos, production stills, concept designs, and the brilliant and comprehensive interview with Joss. The material itself it great and it has been presented in such an attractive way that I think it makes a great book.
Radio Whedonesque, Simon (or just Radio Simon)? Makes one think... ;) I'll have to try to tune in via the 'net if not otherwise engaged. Could be a fun review of popular topics around here at the end of the week or other period of time that is not a week.
I just got the visual companion as my Christmas gift from my Secret Santa at work. (I figured if I asked for it and someone got it for me, there would be the possibility of at least one more person being introduced to Serenity. I have no idea if it worked. I don't know who my Secret Santa was.) I am having a great time reading it. Well worth having.

Simon, I think it is a great idea. I'd give it a listen.
I'd love my own radio show or podcast thing.

I'd provide any help needed with something like this if wanted. I figure a semi-regular (monthly?) round up of Whedonesque stuff would be nifty.
Damn the curse of the big smoke! I'd love to hear this - the Hollywood Vampire and Slayer books are thumping good reads!
ETA: just noticed I can actually listen. oops.

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I would fully support Whedonesque podcasts (or Simon podcasts or whatever). I'd love to do a podcast too but I don't really know what it would be about.

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Topping has also written some excellent Doctor Who novels in his time ...
Thanks for the kind and gratuitous plug, Deb (she's good like that - always alerting people to the fact that I'm still alive).

Thanks for the comments. You may also be interested to know that I've just signed us with Telos to do a second edition of Beyond the Gate covering SG-1 seasons 6 to 9 and the first couple of years of Atlantis. Delivery isn't until the end of August so it probably won't be in the shops until early 2007 but, at least the "much promised" second edition is finally going to happen. Which is good cos it means I can finally dedicate a book to my nephew, his girlfriend and their rabbit (long, and very boring story, trust me...)

Well, I don't want to give away too many bits of the show in advance but, I think it's fair to say that The Book Club is going to be pretty much all "good reviews" in so much as we're trying to caputre and audience of people who have perfectly good reading skills but would only tend to read a newspaper or a magazine rather than a book. The first show - because it's pre Christmas - is going to be a bit different to subsequent ones in that I'll be suggesting lots of potential presents; we've got a section on a couple of humour books that are very popular in the UK at the moment, for instance, and a couple on local sporting subjects. "Pop culture" books, for want of a better word - TV/Film/Music - will form a big part of our shows. I'm doing a section on a few TV books (I'll be mentioning the recently released official book on Smallville season three, for instance, written by an old mate of mine Paul Simpson).

But, yeah, with regard to the Serenity Visual Companion, it's a stunning book and I think fair to say my comments will be enthusiastic bordering on psychotic to reflect that!

Mark me down as another potential listener to Radio Whedonesque. Course, the music selection might be a bit limited...! That's the beauty of the producer/presenter tag instead of just being a presenter, you can make up your own playlist. One day, maybe, if I'm very, very good and this show is a moderate success, they might actually give me two hours to deafen listeners with loud abrasive noise. And, once I'd stopped talking, some music could be played too...

Lone Fashionable Wolf:
You can! Just follow the link and be stunned that we have technology like this in the frozen norf these days... We are.

Thank you. It should be noted, in the interest of balance and impartiality (and justice), that I also co-wrote one VERY BAD ONE as well (The Devil Goblins from Neptune). But, yeah, if anybody wants to check out The Hollow Men, or Byzantium! you could do worse.

Oh, and a tiny plugette to finish just to pay Deborah back; Hollywood Vampire: A Totally Awesome Collection of Angel Trivia by (ahem) Keith Topping and Deborah Williams IS still available from all good book shops, some very bad ones and amazon priced $7.95/5.99 on Virgin Books and makes THE perfect stocking filler for, you know, someone whose stockings you'd like to fill. Or something.

This disgracefully shamefaced promotion was brought to you in a spirit of pre-yuletide grumpiness, bah humbug, and pre-broadcast nerves bordering on outright terror. Hopefully, this will have evaporated by 6:30pm (GMT) on Monday and I'll be feeling loved-up with the world... And, frankly, THAT's the time to start worrying.

Love and hugs from dark and frozen Tyneside


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Yep buy lots of copies of Hollywood Vampire: A Totally Awesome Collection of Angel Trivia by (ahem) Keith Topping and Deborah Williams so that Keith can buy a festive twig and maybe an orange with the royalties.

Meanwhile I'll be putting Serenity, The Official Visual Companion on my Christmas wish list, Along with those straight to DVD Buffyverse movies... gotta have * something* to write about in 2006!

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