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"His penis got diseases From a Chumash tribe."
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February 28 2003

(SPOILER) UPN and Joss make it official - it's over The word from the brass.

Joss will write and direct the series finale, to air on May 20, 2003.

That article contains spoilers so I added the spoiler warning.
My apologies. I didn't even notice it.
Well, I think most people know Faith will be returning, but better safe than sorry.
What a week. SMG quits, Emmitt Smith gets cut by the Cowboys, and Mr. Rogers dies. Aw f**k!
Is Joss wearing lipstick in that picture? That picture of him looks terrible. I mean, I'm fairly certain he doesn't wear lipstick...except perhaps for certain special occasions.
Does anyone know what Joss Wheddon's spinoff might be?

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