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December 14 2005

Artwork for the Point Pleasant (R2) DVD. Nowhere as effective as the cover for the R1 DVD. Anyhow, this'll be out in the UK on the 27th of January.

The shoulder makes her look a little deformed...
This question is to anybody who bought the R1DVD set. Does the last episode give any closure or is it just another episode?
I like the cover. Not as much as the R1 one which had atmosphere by the bucketload, but its still much better than most of the cover art out there today. *Cough* Serenity R1 *Cough*
It's not as nice as the R1 cover, but it's still nice. I liked the last image in the title sequence with her and the birds. I thought that would make a good cover.
This question is to anybody who bought the R1DVD set. Does the last episode give any closure or is it just another episode?

Without giving anything away, the final episode does provide a sense of closure, although based on what I know about the intended storyline for the second season, it probably isn't substantially different to what had already been planned.

I am completely biased, so my opinion might not be entirely trustworthy, but I really liked the closing episode and thought it made for a very satisfactory conclusion.

I've got the R1 version but I'll probably buy this R2 edition as well. I rather like the cover.
It reminds me of the Buffy R1 covers.
Still haven't seen the rest of this show. When all this Holiday stuff blows over, my friend and I plan on renting it and having a marathon or two. I can't wait to see Boyd again.
We need to organize a petition to have them change the cover artwork.
Only covers with llama's on are worthy of a petition. All hail the browncoat llamas!
I wish Buffy got covers like the one for Point Pleasant's R1 release. More iconic and artsy than the cropped photos. Symbols to represent each season's theme or villain would've been acceptable too, artsy styles for book, CD, and DVD covers often impress me a hell of a lot more than shots of the characters, band, or actors. I understand that never would've happened, 'cause you want the actors on the cover to really sell the product (though I still wish we'd got a full ensemble shot for any of the seasons).

In Buffy's case it least it doesn't matter anymore, since I never bought any of the DVDs and now only have to pick up the Chosen collection some time soon, which is just one big red and white box.
'It reminds me of the Buffy R1 covers.'

Like Kris, I wish Buffy got these kind of covers too.
Point's R1 cover is awesome, but this one is good too.

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