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December 14 2005

Morena Baccarin to appear on The O.C.. A few episodes, too. So now those of you who live in sin can have an excuse to watch Ms. Baccarin doing her thang.

So basically we're having Inara and Nandi meeting up under sunny Southern California, huh.
It might be interesting.

Now can we get Seth to make some well deserved Firefly / Serenity reference? And if that happen, could we call it a peer support, because after the Bones brief masterpieceful reference, and we get another one from another Fox show, something might really be happening.

And it kind of reminds me of those surreal and funny Firefly Fantasy those guys from The Signal been producing, especially the first one, the one with "the guy who cancelled Firefly".

Oh, by the way gossi, shouldn't it be Ms. Baccarin, instead of Mrs.?

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*screams a big fat Charlie Brown AUGGH!*

First charmed snags our Cordy, now this?

Oh, the humanity.
Edited for clarity/grammar and to Ms.-ify Morena.
Ignorance is bliss, Willowy. Damn, I was hoping to start a rumour with the Mrs thing!

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I love the OC...woohoo!
So this brings up the count of how many Whedon/OC crossovers? There was Jesse, Melinda Clarke, Dana the vampire slayer, Rachel Bilson, weren't there others?
Jane Espenson wrote the 3rd episode of season 1.
I'm pretty sure Drew Greenberg was involved in the second season. Personally I found the first season of the OC rather enjoyable (I caught it all on DVD over an otherwise uneventful week.) I tried to watching the second year, but it lacked a lot of the stuff I liked in the first season, still bearable, but not at all good. I haven't caught anything since the second season episode where.... I think they might have all have been staying in a mall.
If I'm not mistaken Drew Z. Greenberg joined the writers staff in The OC for a while, after leaving the Smallville staff, which he joined right after Buffy ended.

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Do Inara and Nandi get reunited? I'll watch! Yay! I didn't keep up with The O.C. after mid-second season, but I don't mind checking in again with the Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah episode and Morena's episodes.
This fits in neatly with my theory about The O.C.'s fourth season. After all the ridiculous storylines so far, I have a bet with a friend that in the next one they'll all be kidnapped by aliens and fly off in a spaceship. Only instead of aliens, looks like it'll be a Companion... Those Orange County rich kids have all the luck.

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No! Just can't do it! No matter how much i might love to see Morena on television again i just cannot bring myself to sit through one more episode of that utter rubbish.

I suffered the whole of the first season of The OhMyGodThisIsSooooBad.C. due to my then girlfriend being a fan of the show and one of the highlights of our break up was the thought that i wouldn't have to watch it again.

That and i got all my favourite t-shirts back.
That and i got all my favourite t-shirts back.

I heard the Frankie Says Relax tshirt is too small for you now.
Immediately thought of Ben Folds Five's 'Song For the Dumped'.
I love Morena and think she has the most untapped potential of any of the FF cast -- and she's my personal choice to play WW, but God, I don't want to watch The OC anymore. But I will. For her.

(watched the first season consistently, then the second season sporadically, and ignored the third fervently)
I can't help myself. I'm a Seth fan. Gotta say though, this is going to be nice to see Morena onscreen again.
Right there with you, Zeitgeist.
I kept watching The O.C. last year just for Peter Gallagher and his sexy eyebrows. Am I the only one?
No, ESG, I ONLY watch The O.C. for Peter. I heart that man! The show is getting worse, IMO, but I still watch it for no good reason.

So, yay for seeing Morena on TV! I will be anxious to see what kind of character she plays since I have never seen her in another role besides Inara.
I watched the first season of The O.C. and liked a bunch of episodes, as well as most of the cast...but I'm not going back to it, not even for Morena (which would be much less painful than watching something like Charmed for Charisma. The OC is many heads above that WB mainstay). By the end of Season 1 I realized that, as entertaining and as funny as it could sometimes be, it was all just kinda empty. And I already had Smallville for that, though that series is unintentionally funny most of the time (which I'm also not watching this year 'cause I missed the season premiere).

Best of luck to Morena though, hope she snagged a quality role, or at least one that's somewhat fun.
I've never seen an episode of The OC (I live there, isn't that enough?!?!?!) but good god, I think I'm going to have to start...

I heard the Frankie Says Relax tshirt is too small for you now.

Hehe, funny you should say that because i'm pretty certain that she did intentionally shrink both my System of a Down and Korn t-shirts, hoping that i would let her keep them.

Had the right idea this time though. If you don't want your girlfriend to steal all your favourite gig t-shirts just date a girl that doesn't like rock. Except that she is actually starting to get into the Foo Fighters and Green Day now. So much for that idea! :)
Sometimes those Ts are cool even when you don't like the bandů

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