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December 14 2005

Trailer for Summer Glau's new movie, Mammoth. Under Current Projects, then Mammoth. Thanks to Andy for the heads up. Be warned, you may laugh out loud when you see this (not meaning to be mean... Just - watch it!).

Well, it is regularly described as a "sci-fi comedy."
Oh, exactly. "We have an alien mammoth on the loose, and if we don't stop it the government are going to kill us all" is probably my favourite trailer line ever.
I love Summer's wicked grin and her embarrassment after her character kicks that guy. Heh heh. This looks much better than some other sci-fi comedies (say it with me: "Evolution", bleh).
I liked Evolution. Well...I liked Stifler. Mostly just Stifler.
This might give Snakes on a Plane a run for its money.
It's good to see that the tradition of the really cheesy Sci Fi channel movies is continuing.
Was a bit worried when I saw the director's previous credits were called Alien Lockdown and Larva. But the trailer looks kind of fun, in an extremely silly way. Sort of Men in Black Meet the Prehistoric Elephant. And I liked that shot that parodied the much-referenced shaking glass of water from Jurassic Park by having dentures in it (I didn't imagine that, did I?). Plus always nice to see Tom Skerritt.

And I agree with chickenbird; Evolution was just dreadful.
Is this the quality project Summer was holding out for?
Summer Glau and Vincent Ventresca, the Invisible Man, in the same movie! Aaiee! I'm actually going to watch a silly made-for-the-SciFi-Channel movie!
You're right, gossi - I did laugh out loud. Still, I'll watch it 'cos my pal Summer's in it.
I think you were MEANT to laugh out loud, but that could just be me. Deliberate cheese rocks.
So in the preview, they say they are looking for Sherrif Marion Morrison, isn't that John Wayne's real name (not the "Sherrif" part, of course). I guess I'm just a fan of westerns, but then, many of us on this site are in one way or another, I suppose.
Yep. My dad, Marion Morrison Marks was named after good ol' John Wayne.

Knickname? Red. Red Marks. Try going through kidhood with that moniker. Oh well, better than "Marion" I guess...
Yay for Summer and all the silliness. This has been billed all along as a comedy. I'm guessing it is an attempt at the Airplane of Scifi.
So, John Wayne's real name was Marion; I knew that, but just realised you can remove four letters and you wind up with the hero of Canton! Is this charming coincidence old news?

On topic- looking forward to the mammoth laughs.
Looks like it might be kinda funny. Parts of the trailer were hilarious. I kept laughing uncontrollably at the "alien mammoth" bits.
Well, I'm gonna have an open mind here. Atleast it looks like it's better than recent crap feast like Darklight, Slipstream and Groom Lake. Not gonna give up on it just because of an... dare I say it... an alien freak mammoth.

Edit: Just noticed that this is the studio behing Alien Lockdown and that movie was atleast standable (not anywhere close to good though). And this time around it seems like they're gonna have a talented cast aswell, something that Alien Lockdown really wasn't blessed with.

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There is a time and place for silly, and that is now and here!

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