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December 14 2005

Final packaging for region four "Serenity" DVD. Look Ma, no zombies!

Also, the sleeve will be double-sided, so you can flip it and be done with Big Blue (AKA the stupid huge ratings logo)! Nice one, Universal.

Decisions, decisions, decisions... a JB Hifi sleeve or an Ezydvd tin?
Needs more blurry orange crap at the bottom.
Is it wrong that I'm considering buying a aussie-friendly DVD player just so I can get one of these?
No :) There was a thread about DVD players over on flickr the other day, by the way.
Ooh, exclusive tin case. Better packaging options plus an extra disc of bonus features...Okay, now I'm seriously considering getting a region-free player.
There's a chance that the likes of HMV or Virgin will do exclusive packaging for the UK release. And don't forget if any Brit posters have a PS2 , you can play DVDs from any region on it if you get DVD Region X. It works like a dream.
Also, to remind you can change the region of a DVD player with a remote control, nearly always. The DVD region is not 'inside' the DVD player hardware, it's set on the factory floor using IR (a remote control, basically).
The region-free-a-bility of anyone's DVD player is pretty much a non-issue considering you can pretty much just go to and find the code for it. The bigger issue is whether you have a telly that can play PAL, 'cause an in-player framerate conversion can get pretty ugly.
Ah, I see! Most UK TV's can play NTSC (and, obviously, they can play PAL) so I forget about this.
I think the NTSC conversion is easier than PAL, so you do really need to check your TV's. In saying that, how sweet is this packaging! Man, just brought the US DVD, now I have a choice of 3 different extras. I think I may go the tin cover!
All of these lovely extras seem to be for over the counter sales, am I correct? Those of us in foreign climes will just have to do with the DVD? {"Just". Ha!}
EZYDVD usually have their exclusive offers available online as well as over the counter.
Now *that* is a bad ass cover!
Wow, they certainly bend over backwards to accomodate people. I mean, a double sided cover just so you don't see the rating?? If only Uni in the states was so nice...
For all those that don't want to buy a region free DVD player another option is to get a program called AnyDVD which lets you play any DVD on your Computer, no matter what the region.
I think that packaging looks quite fantastic, I think the international poster was slightly better than the US one, and I think the sky being a different colour adds some life to the picture. I like it.

I have decided to get the Australian version or I may get the UK version. It'll be the Ezy DVD one if I go for the Aus version.
OOh looks like I will be getting the Australian version :). I like how the photo of River on the spine is actually how she looks in the movie. Does she ever actually wear the cover dress in the movie??

As for the ratings pannel, it is actually kinda funny in an understated way to have the tagline 'They Aim to Misbehave' followed by 'Moderate Violence"...
I second the AnyDVD recommendation. It removes all the copy protection and region coding mumbo jumbo. Fantastic program. And if you're looking for a DVD software program, the InterVideo WinDVD player is the best I've used for playing DVDs.
See also the flickr thread for free ways to make your computer's dvd playing region free. Just look for the post in the thread that starts with: ~Region Free on Computers~. Highly recommend the free and open source VLC media player for most video needs.

The First Weevil/gossi - a lot of players actually do a decent job of conversion nowadays. My Oppo is phenomenal, but even a CyberHome or Apex player will give reasonable results.

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