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February 28 2003

(SPOILER) Sarah's Entertainment Weekly interview. "Buffy, in this incarnation, is over". Plus what's the future for the cast of Angel?

She really didn't like season 6 did she?

Love that picture of Boreanaz and Dushku... even if he looks a bit dopey. Gimme darkhaired heroes anytime...
Huh. How is it that SMG can do an interview for InStyle or Teen People and sound like a dope, and then do something really articulate for EW?

I was really interested in Sarah and Joss's contrasting views of Season Six. Maybe the reason that I responded to that season so much more strongly than most people is that I'm kind of in that early-adulthood-and-I-have-no-clue-what-I'm-doing-with-my-life stage now, so I understood and felt the characters' pain. (Although looking back, maybe pushing the Buffy/Spike sex so hard wasn't the best way to get that metaphor across ...) And I think that it made the reclamation of power this season so much more powerful.
Interesting interview. I think she's too hard on S6 (like so many others), but otherwise seems to have a pretty good view of things.

I hate that misleading ratings chart at the end; although the number only drops 20% from its peak, it falls two-thirds of the way down the chart. That also doesn't account for the WB being dropped from superstation WGN after S3; meaning folks like me, without a WB affiliate, had a nearly impossible time seeing the show during S4 and S5.
How is it that SMG can do an interview for InStyle or Teen People and sound like a dope, and then do something really articulate for EW?

Well, InStyle and Teen People aren't particularly articulate publications; they edit her comments to suit their readership. It's not her fault.

If you read her interviews from mags like Nylon and Rolling Stone - which are more willing to publish complete sentences and paragraphs - she's very articulate. A lot of interviewers comment on how fast she talks and how much she says.

I think it's amazing that there was never a huge meeting, like Marti expected. Joss and Sarah seem to be moving in sync without needing to discuss the matter.
That interview was excellent, and really sad, and somehow made me like SMG a little more than I have. Anyway, besides discussing my welling emotions right now (*sob!*), I also have to mention the fact that George Orwell would have gagged if he'd read the unbelievable collection of vaguely boxing-related cliches that David Boreanaz and the article writer managed to pack into the end of the Angel sidebar: "Until the network makes its decision, Boreanaz says all the program can do is keep rolling with the punches. 'We're just taking it on the chin,' says the star. 'Just when it looks like we're down for the count, look what we have in our bag.'" I mean, wow. I feel as though a metaphor has just been tragically violated.
"You don't want to see that dark heroine; you don't want to see her pushing herself. You want to see her killing vampires and making quips." - SMG

Funny, the thing I loved about Season 6 was the dark heroine thing, I absulotely love that. In the 1st and 4th seasons, particuallry, Buffy didn't seem very real to me. But in S6, she had this humaness and depression that she'd never had before. She became somebody you didn't look up to and didn't look down on, you stared her right in the face. Becasue she wasn't the Gold Star heroine anymore. Heh, maybe that's just me though.
Adrian, I'm right there with you. S6 was the first time I felt any kind of sympathy for the character.
Though this might already be obvious to people who, um, aren't me: This Entertainment Weekly cover story on SMG is from the March 7th issue. I was very disappointed when Bruce Springsteen was staring up at me in my mailbox yesterday.
Astrapunch, I got that Bruce Springsteen issue last weekend, so the SMG one should be arriving (at last for me) this weekend.
"All I can say is that I really hope I have the last line..."

I hope she doesn't. Yes it's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" but the show's never been just about Buffy. It's been about how the world can be changed for the better by the people the world ignores. Buffy used to be a cheerleader who cared more about what she would wear tomorrow than the perils and trials of the world. When she aquired special powers she became different and fell into a world of geeks and ne'er do wells who turned out to do rather well. They learned how to work together when faced with mutual evils.

The show is an ensemble. They'll have to change the name, but there's still a hell of a lot of meat on this bone.

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