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December 15 2005

Order Joss Whedon on DVD. It's the Screenwriting Expo Seminar DVD, exclusively of Joss, with an introduction by Nathan. "This DVD is a 'must own' for every writer and lover of great television and film", apparently. Legs not included. Trailer on site.

Ah, excellent find! Will be buying this.

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Ooh, I want this! So bad.
For once I agree with the hyperbole. It is indeed a must own.
I ordered a copy!
I just ordered my copy, how could I not?
Does anyone know when the Minear session will be out? I'd like to get that one as well.
What is he doing on the cover?

Wait, I mean, I know he's talking - but that is just an odd choice of picture...
Good point, Simon, would absolutely love to have Tim's talk also.
Region 1? Region 0? (I can play Region 1, but it'd be nice to know for those that can't.)
I just ordered it too, I can't wait to get it!
Is this the Tim Minear DVD?

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I think that might be the ticket for the event in November.
Ordered mine, more Jossy goodness in my mailbox. Santa really outdid himself this year!
You guys are driving me nuts! Will try to find out. BTW, all smiles.
I agree, socks, not the most flattering Joss picture I've ever seen. But the DVD sounds cool, I may order it sometime.
I need this DVD so badly--where are all the people around here who have credit cards? Must take advantage of them!
Can anyone work out how to order from the UK? It looks like it can only accept US Zip codes for delivery.

Or alternativly, Joss? Can you call me and read the entire thing out? I'll even let you reverse the charges. But speak quickly!

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zz9 I ordered it from the UK, all you have to do is select the international customers option when you go to the checkout.

Thanks Simon. Worked it out now.
Got mine!
Even though I have to work a bit extra over the next two weeks, at leat the extra cash will go to a GOOD DVD!
Woohoo! I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas.
DVD 14.95$, postage 17.00$. Oh well, it's just money. Then again I said the same thing couple of years ago with Buffy DVDs and ended up being broke for three months... good three months though with all the DVDs ;)
Ouch, I'd really like to get this, but a US$20 just for shipping, it's kind out of my budget right now, especially because I'm saving for the Chosen Box Set.

And I already spent a few bucks on the Done the Impossible set, and there's also the Serenity DVD, which will only be released over here sometime next year. So I might just consider importing it.
$20 for shipping? That's rough... I really truly want this but that's alot of money just to ship one single DVD across some water. Not sure that I can spend that much. Joss is usually pretty generous in sharing sharing his mind with us anyway, not sure I'm gonna need this DVD for that.
I know, I was all ready to order till I saw the shipping, and thought to myself 'Ya know, I can wait an extra fortnight for this'. It does look pretty damn shiny tho! I'd like to read a Browncoat review of it. Preferably from someone who has heard his talk before.
I was at the expo and I'd recommend the talk for Nathan Fillion's introduction alone but if postage money is an issue you may prefer not to get it or wait a while. The interview was mediated and unfortunately he didn't ask anything that Joss hasn't already been asked in countless online interviews already, although he did elaborate as much as possible. There was also only time for a few questions from the audience so there wasn't much on that front either.

Still witty though.

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Thanx for that Jackal. That was just what I wanted to know. For those BC's from overseas, our Ozzie Whedonesquer, Mimbles did a check on a batch of 10 DVD's and the postage was around $35. So I think one of the Oz BC's will be getting a batch and divying it up. Postage comes down to about $4 each that way.
This is a must-have, methinks. I ordered it and can't wait to get my greedy hands on it, very odd cover notwithstanding. I'm just sorry that our overseas friends will have to pay so much for postage.
I don't think it's worth 20 bucks shipping for international peeps, but I do have to disagree with Jackal about the content. Sure, there was some stuff touched on that Joss has said many times before, but as it was at a writing expo, the conversation was geared specifically towards writing in a way that most Joss interviews aren't. I've read a lot of them, and there were still tons of facts and insights presented by Joss at expo that I'd never heard before.
When I said before that most of the questions has been asked in previous interviews I think I mainly just meant this one, which had a lot of stuff about his writing process.
Hmm, this sounds like something I might like to buy, but the shipping cost is putting me of so far. Maybe I'll throw the idea around over at the Dutch browncoats site, see if we can lower the cost a bit.
Well the dollar is pretty weak against the Pound and the Euro so it's not that bad.
Thank's for info guys. But the Brazilian Real is still quite weaker than the US Dollar, so I'll just consider buying another time, or maybe some torrent of it might end up showing up on the net.
Very true, Simon. I mean, if I saw this in the shops at £19.99 I'd buy it in a second. And it works out at slightly less than that. Mine's already ordered. Anyone know what kind of running time it has (or how long the talk was)?
An hour and a half - but it may be a bit shorter than that as it was late starting and then there were microphone troubles.
This is a little late, but Iíve finally began posting reports on the Screenwriting Expo.

I went to Joss Whedonís speech and it was well worth it but I think that people would get more out of Timís session so Iím hoping that they will put out a DVD of that as well.

If you want to know a little more about the two sessions, you can drop by my website. There isnít any video for Joss but I have four short clips of Timís session.

Joss Whedon's Speech

Breaking the Story with Tim Minear
Has anyone received their copy yet? I haven't, and I ordered when this was posted.
Yep, haven't heard a thing from them after ordering this over two weeks ago.. order status simply says "New Order" and nothing else.
I'm interested in ordering this, but I'd like to hear from someone that has it first. Anyone?
i havent received mine yet..........wonder where it is.
That's really strange that you wouldn't have it yet.

I'm not buying until I hear someone has theirs. (And then posts a review)
Mine just came today. I'll post with some thoughts after I've seen it.
Yefa said:

Mine just came today. I'll post with some thoughts after I've seen it.

When did you order yours?
zoinkers - I ordered mine on December 16.
There will be spoilers here so read no further if you so choose.
Nathan's introduction is quite funny - no surprise there! Joss is then interviewed on various topics. Two films he particularly singles out as being memorable to him when growing up are I Love Melvin(1953) and Day of the Outlaw(1959). He noted their obscurity & that they taught him that even if only three people "get" a work, something extraordinary has happened. When asked his all-time favorite films when growing up, he singled out The Bad and the Beautiful(1952) and Once Upon A Time In The West(1968). As the latter is also one of my favorites, I enjoyed hearing this.
Joss makes with the mockery when it comes to Fastlane, saying he'd "get up in the middle of the night" to do so.
He talks about the difficulties he had in terms of structure when going from a 1-hour TV show to a feature film on Serenity.
He also talks about how he sees TV as "a question" and film as "an answer."
The DVD consists of the interview (Nathan's intro plus actual interview of Joss), which is 58+ minutes, and the Q&A, which is a bit over 12 mintues on the DVD. I like the DVD - it covers a wide range of topics and Joss is illuminating & also brings the funny.

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Sounds like it may be worth the purchase to me... thanks Yefa.
I ordered two in the mail but received only one, despite the receipt in the package clearly charging me for both copies. I then called the company, and they agreed to send another out with relatively little hassle ... I just hope it comes!
In the unlikely event anyone's still watching these posts, I did finally receive that second copy yesterday. So, I guess they're ok.
I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. It's been in "ready to ship" status for three weeks now..

I ordered almost six weeks ago. I could almost say not the fastest service I have received.
Okay, I finally received my copy and I thought I would add my two cents worth.

The Good:
Joss & Nathan Ė Nuff said.

Anamorphic Widescreen Ė Completely unnecessary for the presentation, but boy did it look great and make me so very happy.

The DVD appears to be for all regions, without any region protection.

The Bad:
I live in the US and it took over four weeks to arrive, although my credit card was billed the day I ordered it. Also, I should mention the only shipping option I had from them was $6 Priority Mail shipping (which is fast and more expensive). However, it was not shipped Priority, but with the super cheapest shipping still available in the modern age. Now, I understand charging customers more for shipping than it actually costs so companies can pay for other expenses related to handling the package or just to pocket the extra cash. That said, they still should not be claiming Priority Mail shipping when they in fact do not use Priority Mail. They should just say, ďWe are going to charge you $6 for shipping and we will just slap on a couple of regular postage stamps on your box and hope it arrives at your house sometime.Ē That honesty would be refreshing and I would still agree to the shipping arrangement.

Also, my DVD was not securely fastened to the case and it came rattling around pretty violently. Luckily, all the scratches on the disc were apparently minor, as I have watched it without any glitches.

In summary, the DVD is great, but if you want it, you have to put up the shipping.

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