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December 15 2005

'11th Hour' offers alternate 'Serenity' DVD cover. The brilliant "Firefly"-lovin' guerilla-flyer artist offers up a lovely alternative to the official "Serenity" DVD art. Mirrored here and here and here.

Where did the Llama go?
Does someone have a copy of this that I can mirror? Hate having dead links on the front page.
Well, I'll offer up a mirror right here if you need it.
Well, that's just... shiny.
Is there a hi-res version available? This won't look that hot once it's printed out.
This art is amazing. I'm definitely replacing my cover with this one if there's a hi-res version available.
I believe 11th said she would make a high resolution version available, along with the hi-larious version with the llama.

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On a sidenote, this showed up in potential covers for the Netherlands linked here. Linked a mirror that I know can withstand way more hits than the homepages. Thanks for the copy that allowed me to do so, HudsonVC.
I sent an e-mail to "11th" pointing him/her to this thread and asking about a high-rez version.
I rather miss the llama. I may have to print both versions. Maybe we can get hi-res versions of both?
There are more great ones in this thread on the browncoats board (reg reqd.).
Some of the same are collected here.
I'd say this new cover is much better,and more reflective on what the film is all about.
Now if only there were more TV spots for it, including Mr. Universe's classic line, "You guys always bring me the very best violence."
MY DVD will sport 11ths cover for sure!!
I think it looks too crowded at the bottom with pictures of The Operative, Mal, and River (and what's up with her fake arm?). If they made the images gel a little bit better, I'd love the hell out of it.
The best artwork, bar none. I've said it before and I'll say it again, 11th hour has really captured Serenity in a way the artists at Universal never could.

Happy to help mirror as well: Mirror Site Link
and what's up with her fake arm?

River is pointing to the planet Miranda.
I'll be able to host a hi-res regardless of size.
Quote 11th from the OB "When the design can be called "done", I'll be able to offer a hi-res printable version. I just want it to be as authentic as possible. There will probably be more updates on the DVD, maybe some awesome new still, or whatever, and I might need to revise the design again.

But it will certainly be availble by the time the official one is out, so that anyone who wants to can swap out the covers."

From this thread
This copy of the cover will be to low-res to produce a high quality print. 11th hour was going to put up a high-res version of the cover once she was happy with all the details on the cover. Hopfully that version will be available soon.

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I like the cover, on the whole, but the shot of the Operative should be more menacing. As it stands, he looks hopeful.
I cannot begin to tell how much better I like this art than the official cover.

MattM, the Operative is hopeful, hopeful of a better world...better worlds...all of them. I like the way he looks on the cover. Will make a newcomer to the movie really amazed when he pulls out his sword...but he really is a hopeful person. Not for himself, but for the future of all people. Which is what makes him all the more terrifying.
Zoic, it's a gurl ;)
Awesome, really awesome cover!
Waiting for the hi-res version.
shiny indeed :)
can't wait to see the hi-res version
All of her work is amazing. Her art will be the cover for my DVD. The dvd cover is sublime, but I think my favorite art by her is the Kaylee poster, "Ever sail in a firefly?"
This is infinitely better than the R1 version. *Sigh.* Count me in on those waiting eagerly for the hi-res version. Thank you, 11th Hour person, for your shiny art.
OMG. That is so good. When the HiRes version hits, make sure you post a link. It will be mine....oh will be mine.
Yes. Gimme the hi res. This woman rocks.
The Dark Shape, can we bribe you for a printable version of yours?
I agree that this is a good-looking cover, and it's a hell of a lot better than the current R1 version. I think this would sell nicely.

But, as far as personal taste goes, this still isn't my favorite fancover. I probably wouldn't even have mentioned this if this hád been the official cover, but with all the different fan interpretations around I guess I got overly nitpicky:

The angle of River's arm freaks me out (I'm weird) and I still think Mal's face looks odd. Also, I feel this cover has got just a touch too much of an epic 'Star Wars'/LotR-type movieposter going on. And also: I'd put quotes on the front, not just the back.

But other than those minor points of critisism, this is obviously still a professional, good-looking cover. Way, way better than anything I could produce, that's for sure. And I love the back of the cover to bits.
this is much, much, much better!
The angle of River's arm freaks me out (I'm weird)

Yeah it freaks me out too. It doesn't look right. I would probably have her just looking up at Miranda too, instead of looking up and pointing. It's not the best composition, but I still like this cover the best of the fan covers I've seen.
I liked that one with Serenity in the Ion Cloud...that was neat.
The shot of River pointing is from the movie I believe, where she is pointing the gun at Mal in the bar.
ESG, the arm might not entirely right, but I'd say it really helps the composition instead of damaging it. If you follow the line from her index finger... ah screw it, I'm drawing it up.


Here you can see that the primary lines (bright red) help giving the image balance, while slight deviations from the lines help avoiding a static result. In addition to this, supporting secondary lines (dim red) contribute by boxing in Mal's face, making him a secondary focal point (Serenity/the planet being the primary).

A more complex example is the Return of the King cover:


Here, the primary lines give structure to a composition where the scales are all over the place. Again, secondary lines help narrowing the focal point down to the light in Frodo's hand (the fact that it's so shiny also helps, of course). Note that the lines also box in Frodo as well as the faces of Aragorn and Gandalf.

[ edited by pjalne on 2005-12-16 18:33 ]
Well, I'm not an art major or anything so it's just my uneducated opinion that the arm just looks off somehow. shrug. It's not a big deal.
No, no, not at all. Sorry if I came across as hostile, I'm just waiting for a bus and had some time to kill. It DOES look slightly wonky, though.
I didn't think you were being hostile, pjaine. No worries.
Didn't 11th say this was unfinished anyway?
pjalne, your analysis of the composition is interesting (and not hostile at all). I think what bugs me and others is that the subtle effect on the composition is overshadowed by the more evident weirdness of the arm position.

I like the cover, I just think I'd like it even more without the arm. (This coming from someone who has no artistic background/talent, just knows what he likes. =)
Can I just mention that I actually have the actual DVD in my hand as I type? And the cover does look better than the photos suggested. It's a very "3-D" ish effect, very shiny, pun intended.

Big thanks to for managing to ship it to the UK this fast.

I suppose I'd better watch it now...
I think what bugs me about the arm is that River's eyes are not focused on where she is pointing: they're focused a little to the the left of where she is pointing. It's subtle, but enough to make it look a bit wonky. Other then that, though, I love it.
I agree, this is beautiful looking, and much more reflective of the film. It conveys the sense of character and story instead of going for all out action and hordes of monsters, but it still has that sense of danger and excitement.

What kind of paper are y'all going to print the hi-res version on? What size will fit a DVD case?
Okay, I've now watched the movie, then watched it again with Joss's commentary, spotted Inara's bow and arrow, watched the deleted scenes and the outtakes.

But... The cover are is the suprise. It is way better then the photos suggested. I am a convert. Now here comes the funny... Trying to work out why I came to the conclusion it's printed, as I've said above, very "Shiny", as in printed on foil or something. Because my copy was ordered from Canada it has a reversable cover with the inside version being in French. Now that one is not shiny, it's just printed on paper and it looks just like the photos of the cover we've seen. It does make a difference.
Can I just mention that I actually have the actual DVD in my hand as I type? And the cover does look better than the photos suggested. It's a very "3-D" ish effect, very shiny, pun intended.

You really think so? I got it today and I think it looks even worse in person. The foil or whatever it is is ridiculous.
Grounded, do you have the inside cover to compare? I think it looks good.
Haven't tried it yet, although I did notice the reversibility.

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