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December 16 2005

Serenity DVD - "Not enough extras" says the reviewer at Alternatively Clint at says the extras are "fat, funky and full of browncoaty goodness". And in somewhat related news, Serenity is one of Total Film Magazine's Top 20 Movies of 2005.

The About reviewer sounds like a fan who knows that some regions *are* getting more and that Adam said at one con that he was doing some work for the DVD when he went back. Given that, I can understand the disappointment.
Reports on extras are always going to vary. The DVD could have 23 hours of extras and somebody would be all "What am I going to fill that extra hour with?!?"

Of course, that 'somebody' would probably be me.
Wow, someone just pointed out on the SenOz forum that the cloudy thing near Zoe's back is like a ghosty image of Wash - creepifying!
Of course, as a Browncoat, I will desperately grab for any special features I can get, and I think those on the DVD are nice, fairly comprehensive but we know that there are more out there. Having the extended editions of Lord of the Rings really spoils you because not every DVD is that way, and as a Browncoat, you also want more and more features. Of course I'd like to have more but I think the DVD is still good value. It's not like it's just the film with no special features. Fairly standard but good.
Hey, MTs "Mysterious Skin" is on that list too! Woo hoo! I haven't seen that yet but it is a film I definitely want to see someday! So happy about "Serenity" being there - just wish it was higher up on the list!
I can't help but feel that the inclusion of Star Wars Ep III on that same Top 20 list sort of weakens the credibility of the writer's opinion.
Or, considering its financial and critical success, it could weaken yours to dislike it.

See? I can force my opinions on others too.

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Until I have Joss Whedon and the entire cast doing a live commentary, I won't have enough extras on my DVD. But that's unlikely for now, so I'm happy with what we've got.

Oh, and once I do? I'll have enough extras until the FBI finally tracks me down and forces me to release them all.

Sidenote: the fact that Sideways came out in 2004 is what would make me question that list's credibility.

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Didn't the Sideways DVD come out in 2005?

TDS - I don't think they were forcing their opinions on anybody - they stated their opinion.
I can't help but feel that the inclusion of Star Wars Ep III on that same Top 20 list sort of weakens the credibility of the writer's opinion

Having just rewatched Episode III on DVD for the kids' sake, I have to agree that, IMHO, it was utter garbage. And, in saying that, I'm not "forcing my opinion" on anyone, merely expressing it. I wouldn't say the inclusion of Revenge of the Sith lessens the writer's credibility generally, just that it tells me there are some serious differences in our movie tastes. It also pops my yay! Serenity! balloon.
SNT - oh dear, you've done it the way I did it. I saw Serenity before I saw Episode 3 at the cinema. This caused me to have serious issues, and to sit through the film jiddering and thinking unkind things. I think Natalie Portman saved my life that night..
Oh, by the way, one of the things about the DVD I got to have a wee grumble about: they've messed up Book's name again. It's down as the wrong first name again during one of the special features. It's not a big deal at all, though, obviously.
Just saw that the Serenity DVD is on number two on amazon now. Isn't that a record for Serenity?

didn't want to open a new thread but also wanted to post it SOMEwhere!
Well i saw episode 3 first and was visually blown away by it. While i do think that George L. is a very flawed storyteller, i did enjoy it.
And also i tought that Hayden C.(Anakin),Ewan M.(Obi-wan) are great actors. I also love Natalie P.(Padme) but she had terrible lines written for her in episode 3. The climactic Mustafar battle was amazing.
Then i saw Serenity, wich i liked becuse of the good storytelling by Joss W. I instantly liked Nathan Fillion's character then trough out the movie i started liking Wash and Zoe.
I both think they are great movies and look forward to owning both on dvd.

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