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"Did I just lose an argument to a doll?"
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December 16 2005

Sideshow announce Angel 12" figure licence. Having already produced figures of Angel in their Buffy line, the company confirms that they have the licence for his show as well.

Yay!!!! I have been waiting for this announcement for so long now! Can't wait to see what the first figure will be. Obviously it will be Angel but what is he going to look like. I'm guessing from "City Of" with the wrist stakes that pop out!! And I cannot wait for an Illyria figure!! Now, how do I break the news to my poor husband who has been so good about my Sideshow Buffy obsession. Time to start shopping for another large bookcase!!
Elvis or Liberace Simon? ;)

Well it is good news because my daughter's Barbies want some nice 'non biting' boys to play with (Wes or Connor). We have Human Spike & Angel but they seem to cruise around in the pink Barbie bus and argue all the time.
Great News! A resounding "Joy To the World"!!
A Barry Manilow singing Angel would be a blast to get. "Oh, Mandy.."

Hee, I told my husband and got a very sarcastic "Oh joy!" out of him!! Good thing he secretly loves them too and just doesn't want to admit it (at least that's what I'm telling myself!).

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