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December 17 2005

Serenity (EXCLUSIVE Collector's Tin). This special packaging for the Region 4 double DVD set of Serenity is only available from EzyDVD in Australia, but can be ordered through their site internationally.

Not a big fan of Tin Packages. But thanks for the link Zoic_Fan.
Now, I'm really considering importing me a copy from the Australian release, and it won't even be too pricy for me.
It will come out cheaper than the US release.
Damn, those Aussies are lucky! Not only do they get a second disk with all sorts of exclusive extras, but now they also get a chance to get it in a cool tin package (which obviously I am a fan of)!
Geez, I link this stuff everywhere but here! I am a bad, bad Whedonesquer! Smack my wrist Simon.
Heh. I'm assuming that JB H-Fi doesn't have a website. As I wouldn't mind seeing the exclusive Slip Case/O-Ring that they're doing for the DVD.

Not that I know what an O-Ring is. I have my suspicions though.
No they do have a website, just no picture of it as yet. Honestly, I could have sworn I had linked this stuff here, but on checking the thread announcing it, I see that I haven't!
Oh dear! JB HiFi
Also there's a nice thread about it on SenOz here with some ideas on what the o-ring thing is.

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I am tempted to buy one, just so I can slip in ugly U.S. cover in the tin case. Then again, I could pick up a region-free dvd player relatively cheap...

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The "O-Ring" kind of makes sense now. I'm gonna order from EzyDVD, that slipcase looks cool and it would be worth it for the DVD and special features alone. Now, roll on February.

And, according to the site, "International Sales are not subject to GST (Goods and Services Tax)" but the prices on the site are "By default all prices are displayed including GST. If you are an international customer prices will be displayed without GST when you are logged in."

I'm guessing this means Ezy DVD charge international customers the real price, and any tax will mean the DVD plus tax will be, at most, the price shown when you aren't logged in. Shiny. That means it shouldn't be more than 18 total, for me, which is cheaper than buying most DVDs on the day of release.
Woww!!! I'm dying to get this one.
I live in Region 2, but I don't care, I want this uber-edition!

I'll wait to see the slipcase, but I think I'll go with the Tin Case.

Are these gifts only available for preorders?

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Since the special features are also available in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg), will they see this tin too?

For Europeans that might be a good idea to buy in the Benelux countries.
At least that's what they posted on the official Australian browncoat site about the special features (not the tin). Did they change plans about the Benelux release?
I don't think the tin is available elsewhere. It's just that particular company who are doing the tins, and as far as universal's announcement goes, EzyDVD are producing them.
Ordered mine this morning, with the Tin pack and all.
It seems that it's an EzyDVD creation , but sacntioned by Universal people, so unless other stores overseas receive the same support from their local Universe branch, I doubt we'll see something of the sorts appear elsewhere.
Eh, it doesn't ship to Malaysia.

The artwork for the slip cover is up now, here.
That is one pretty cover!
Well, now I'll order the Tin cover. I like it more.

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