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December 17 2005

Joss for a minute: A brief chat with Joss Whedon. Joss chats about Serenity, Buffy, Angel & Wonder Woman. There's also a Serenity DVD review on the same site.

I prefer interviews in their raw state. Good find.
Interesting comments about being tired to fight the network, I guess one mind can only take so much.
Interesting words too about Alien Resurrection. Which was, to use Joss's own word, ghastly. I fully understand why he walked away from that experience saying that "the next person who ruins one of my movies will be me."

I wonder if one of these days, Joss will be up for Alien, the Musical.
Joss covered Alien Resurrection in Edinburgh at the Q&A, as it happens. He gave details on a few of the different endings he wrote -- one of them took place on Earth, in a forest, I seem to recall.

One of Joss' original scripts is on the special 2 disc edition of Alien Resurrection, for anybody interested.

Edit: By the way, has anybody taken a look around that website? It's as if feminism never happened. I really don't know how a website producing content like this managed to get an interview with Joss from Universal.

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I tried very hard not to look around the site. What I saw in my peripheral vision was enough. Cool interview though and yet another take on the end of Angel. It is developing quite a mythology of its own.
I didn't notice the site's content until you guys mentioned it. Thanks, guys. ;) Oy vey.
By the way, has anybody taken a look around that website? It's as if feminism never happened.

I thought the ad for 'Absinthe: The Ultimate Panty Remover' was rather tasteful...

I thought the ad for 'Absinthe: The Ultimate Panty Remover' was rather tasteful...

If Whedonesque had signatures, this would be mine.
If ever there was a reason to implement signatures...
I found the link on and tried to shut my eyes at the content as well. I did like the interview thought thats why i posted it.
Gonna go watch Season 5 of Angel again.......
Kessie, don't get me wrong, I loved the interview so thanks for posting it :) It does just seem a bit weird when interviews like this pop up, though, as obviously they cost Joss time and I'm not sure they're visible enough outside the fandom to help sales.

It's not Joss' fault, by the way - it's up to the company to filter down interview requests. I suppose every interview helps, though.
Gossi, I dont really think they filter. ( they probably get way too many requests for that) Looking at the interviews done in Germany I also was sometimes surprised who got one. And if I had known that before I probably would have tried to get one for the german Firefly board. Nevertheless I think they aimed for "young male audience": Guys, ages 18 through thirtysomething with the interview on this site. And i remember reading somewhere that Serenity was ( or should have been) aimed mainly at this audience, too.
Ours not to focus on the website, ours to focus on the interview.
Oh, the interview requests were filtered in the UK - if you wanted an interview with Joss or the cast, you had to submit a request saying how much coverage you'd give, what kind of coverage yadadada. Somebody from a film magazine I knew wanted to interview Summer, but they got their interview request denied -- bigger magazines got the interviews instead.

Apologies, Simon.
'Absinthe: The Ultimate Panty Remover'

Ha! That was great!
OK, now I'm going to hide in my cave.
still praying silently over here for a spin off :-) Please Joss, pretty please!!!!
Can't really say i blame Joss for not finding the heart to fight Angel's cancellation. After what happened with Firefly and already having to compromise for Angel's fifth season to happen it must have been incredibly hard to find the will to fight yet again. A shame but very understandable.

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