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December 17 2005

No Serenity novels this summer speculates Keith R.A. DeCandido. Get writing that fan fic, folks.

Gorram it.

I need my Firefly/Serenity fix. And, you know, I never really thought about DVD sales affecting the novels. They just seem like two different worlds.

But it's good to know that there will be two more at some point. Maybe Joss can write screenplays for two sequels and have Keith adapt them?

Ah, wishful thinking...
You make an interesting point, UnpluggedCrazy... Why would DVD sales effect Joss' take on the books? (The books are already under contract, so WILL happen - the issue, I presume, is over content).

I know the publisher issued a guide for the books to authors - I think they were set pre-Serenity or some such. So - does this mean if the DVD sales wouldn't justify a sequel, for example, they might go for a novel set after Serenity?

Questions, questions..
Well, I figure if a sequel is greenlighted, then the novels will be the novelizations of the movies, if not, they'll be , well, novels.

eh, I'm not making myself clear here, but I'm sure you know what I mean. actually I'm agreeing with gossi's latest speculation.

The way I understand it is that if there even the slightest chance on a movie sequel being made, novels will be held off.
Nope, it's not that Harpy - these are unique, new books - the contract isn't part of the motion picture novels as far as I know.

I shouldn't have put 'novels' in the subject, as it's kind of a mislead.
aha, but still I think your speculation holds. Why else would DVD sales figure into a novel decision?
Jus' my two cents worth, but perhaps a reason why DVD sales would figure into a novel decision is that they may influence a decision on when the novels are set - as in, pre- or post-Serenity. In this "gimongous" interview" posted here on 24 September, Joss does say that he's "...not a prequel buff"; the relevant section is in Part 10 (or Part 'X' for all you Roman numeral enthusiasts out there), regarding Serenity's future.
Admittedly, this was conducted prior to the sobering effect of the domestic opening weekend box office take, so feelings can certainly change. However, if gossi's info regarding a pre-Serenity guide issued to prospective authors is correct (and I'm assuming that it is), perhaps now Joss et al. are waiting to see how the DVD performs in order to gauge consumers' interest in a continuation. If another theatrical feature is out of the cards, then perhaps such a continuation could manifest in novel form? Not my preference, but I'll take whatever we can get.

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