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December 17 2005

New Amber Benson interview at Great new interview with the ever lovely Ms Benson.

Mainly about 'Ghosts of Albion', but there's also chat regarding Joss, Tara, Christopher Golden, her new/current projects, living "outside the beauty box". And naked girls. Site may not be work friendly.

"What’s so bad about naked girls? They’re pretty."

I am very big with the Amber love right now.

Tara was always one of my favourites on Buffy. What a lovely woman Amber Benson is; her positive attitude is so honest and infectious, you just know she was smiling during this interview.

Yes, I am gushing. Bad Kitty, the Amber love has that certain allure, does it not?

I had never really thought much about Amber until I saw 'Chance'.

Then I was like - I want to work with that girl. I liked Chance, as a directorial debut, a lot. Of course, the casting was off, there were some cock ups in production evident.. but generally, a great little indy tale. She's very talented. I also share her opinion of Joss - I would love to work with Joss on some kind of a level playing for the simple reason I'm very driven and creative. And I'd also like to win the lottery, but don't buy a ticket.
Amber is one of my favorite people in the world...never met her but I feel like I know her...she's got a pure soul and you just have to root for her to be fantastically successful!
She is so friendly, really makes you feel at ease.
Yes Amber indeed rocks and I hope that some day I can meet her again.
hee -- I wonder if she ever said straight out to Joss, "I don't want to sleep with you, I want to be you," because my mind boggles at the face he would make.
Probably the "I have a wife, thanks. And robot garbage trucks" one.

(Not that I've seen this face or anything. I was drunk, but not THAT drunk. Okay. I'll stop typing now).
She is losing waaay too much weight and it's starting to scare me :-(
But she's a trip as always...
I hope someday we'll get Ghost of Albion book here in Spain.
I want to read it.

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