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December 19 2005

Catching Up with Joss Whedon. Coming Soon! chats to Joss about Serenity, Goners, Wonder Woman, the Browncoats and the Buffyverse. There's some video clips of him being interviewed as well. And there's another good Joss interview in a similar vein at the Toronto Star website.

Just take in to account, for the moment, how many interviews our favorite guy in the universe has done this year. I've never really followed someone's career so closely, but it still seems exhausting reading him answer the same questions so many times. (exhausting more for him than us).

I just wanted to make note. Makes you appreciate and understand his love for his achievements.
Yep, he answers an impressive amount of the same questions. He should pull a Spielberg if he gets well known enough - for Munich, Spielberg didn't do any press junket interviews. Well, except for that newspaper one. Feel the power!

Amusingly, whilst browsing this interview there was a banner advertisement for Serenity at the top..
I've added another interview to the subject line, worth checking out.
The second interview has a wee Morena-as-Wonder Woman casting hint, and this sends me into happy deliriums. Go Joss! Pick Morena!

"In a way," he admits, "the stakes are higher. The scripts are longer. But at the same time, it's pretty much the same process. It really is. `Did I find the moment?' `How do I hit them?' `Where do I jab that they're not protecting?'"

That one line, "where do I jab that they're not protecting" neatly encapsulates what he does best, artistically.

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This is the part I really liked - "I do feel some closure. But closure doesn't mean closing the book..."
We got Rob Salem of the Toronto Star a ticket to one of the early screenings, along with another reporter who then wrote a full page article on the special screenings. Glad to see that Rob has paid us back now too!
I imagine that after this latest round of interviews, Joss will be glad to get back to his balefully glaring computer. Good reads. And always nice to see the Joss actually speak too.
Another mention of the Spike & Co DVD/TV movies!
Yes.....keeping the dream alive.....
Nice to get more info on Goners....not a whole lot but still..

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Spike getting a chance to shine on his own sounds good to me! Please, Mr. Whedon, Sir.
Both the interviews--as well as the video footage--were lovely. I love the hints about Morena as Wonder Woman, but I still think Joss should go with the Christopher Reeve as Superman route and cast an unknown.

Always good to hear Joss speak on matters.
Spike movie: "the idea is to have an idea"? What does that mean to the optimists out there? All these nonideas about the Spike movie are getting me down.
One optimist, reporting for duty! :)

I read that as a general comment regarding how all these kind of projects begin, with an idea. After that comes the process of turning said idea into a reality. Making it happen.

We already know that Joss obviously has had "the idea", as far as a new story for Spike is concerned, as well as a way to get it on to our screens, or there is absolutely no way that any of this would even be being discussed, so that part of the process is done. Now he is working on the "making it real" thing. Slightly harder to do, unfortunately!
Thanks Vampire with a Gun. You're good at optimism and gave me a smidgen of hope about the Spike movie. Now can you tell me how I did on my finals?

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annieb, you did 42.

Joss must be so bored of being asked about the Spike movie by now.
Heh, gossi, I agree.

I imagine sometimes Joss feels like Sisyphus and that frickin' rock. No matter how much he puts out there, we (the fandom) are always wanting more. It's neverending.

Well, it's his own fault for being just so damn great at what he does! ;)
Well, better Sisyphus than Prometheus. And he has certainly brought the light to many.

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Given Joss's acknowledged debt to, and inspiration from, existentialism, (see, in particular, Objects in Space commentary) I wouldn't be surprised if he took Willowy's analogy to Sisyphus as a compliment.

There. That's met my profound thought quota for the day. Brain off now.
Joss must be so bored of being asked about the Spike movie by now.

You know what? If i was Joss i doubt i would ever get bored of answering that question, simply because of what the constantly repeated enquiry represents.

Okay, admittedly, no matter where he goes right now or what the main subject is that he is being interviewed about it seems that he is being asked about the Buffyverse movies, or more specifically the Spike project. Each time he has to give the same relatively uncertain, but far from negative, answer. If that was happening to me, bored would be the last thing i would be. Proud is more accurate.

He has created a story (actually, two) that has touched the hearts of people all over the planet. People that want more and more from that story and aren't willing to just sit back and hope it happens. They keep asking and asking, no matter where he goes, just because they don't want that story to end. They keep asking because they need more of the world that he created.

Yeah, if that was me i would be damn proud of what i had accomplished, no matter how many times i heard that question repeated.
The problem is, with many of the press junket people - they simply don't care if there is a Spike movie in the works, they want Joss to say 'Oh, funnily enough, that's just been confirmed! Here's the exclusive so you can have 500k hits and generate lots of money from the advertisements!'

But then Joss tends to announce these things online, on sites like this, thus depribing people from skimming from the exclusive story. (Although everything Joss says on here tends to be copied and pasted on every media site ever anyway..)

Me... Bitter and twisted? Totally!
Oh, i'm not talking about the people actually asking the question, gossi. In that respect you are, of course, correct. To them it's about money, for the most part.

I'm talking about the fans they are hoping to get that exclusive confirmation for. The ones that will be making those 500k hits once the announcement goes online. The question gets asked because it might generate an answer that means so much to so many, as the interviewer knows. That is what Joss should be so proud of.

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