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December 19 2005

Details about James Marsters' new pilot. He tells USA Weekend that's he shopping a TV pilot that's about "a conflicted hero who attacks with chains and razors".

Sounds rather odd!
Oh... and since when has he been divorced and had a son of 9 years old?? Or have I just never realised?
If anything it sounds more like a show best suited for cable. Not utterly convinced the likes of NBC and so on would go for a lead character who slices people with a razor blade. Unless he shaves them to death which would be a interesting take on the hero genre.
You've just never realised, brob1. The son is the "family reasons" he won't move to Toronto, for example, for work.
"Unless he shaves them to death which would be a interesting take on the hero genre."

Bwah! Methinks that's one for the best of whedonesque page. Recommendations are welcome.

I hope its not been-there-done-that.
Caroline - I loves me that page. There's been quite a few comments where I've thought "Hey, somebody should archive that".

Yes, James is coming on 43, is divorced, and has a kid.
Does anybody remember around the time Angel ended, JM and either David Greenwalt or David Fury came up with a pilot idea that nobody bought into at the time? I THINK it may have been Greenwalt. I KNOW it was one of the writer/producers/creators that JM had never met until he was on Angel so it was probably Greenwalt. I wonder if this is the same thing or something new? Or if this is new news or old news? I don't remember the premise of what they originally had come up with. I just remember it was something JM had mentioned at a con Q&A back then.

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The pilot he was doing with Greenwalt was about a espionage person like Alias with the accents and costumes, only it'd be Marsters playing the lead.
Ahh, thanks eddy. I do see a pattern here, wanting the superhero (or superspy) type. I also wouldn't be surprised if he did move to produce, having done theater with his own company, producing from the bottom up for so long. I can picture him wanting to have a hand in creating whatever he does.

"If anything it sounds more like a show best suited for cable. "
Personally, I think more shows should just skip the main networks and head for cable. They'd have a better chance of getting aired and staying on. I would think it would be better to have a smaller, yet steady audience, than to barely have a shot of staying on the air for more than a few weeks (Yeah, I'm looking at you, FOX).

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Cable has disadvantages. Mainly, at least half the budget (which translates to half the pay). Also, the episodes tend to run about 10 to 13 episodes per season -- which halves the pay again. Ever wonder why people try to sell their shows to Fox now?

The ideal situation is to end up on Fox or ABC and half very high ratings. Then, you can afford to pay your staff a decent wage, and have budget to do things better. Of course, actually getting into that situation is highly improbable.

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Sounds interesting. JM and DG came up with a few ideas, one of which was the one eddy mentioned. I don't think they ever mentioned the ideas for the other ones. This may indeed be one of them.

As to being on cable. I'd rather watch a lower budget, shorter run show that actually captures my interest than a big budget 22 episode season of the same old same old.

Oz or *insert carbon copy show here*? Hmmm.
Some of my favorite shows (The Shield, Nip/Tuck) are on cable. I don't anything about their budgets or what they pay, but the quality is very good and they've done wonders for the careers of the people on them. I'd be thrilled if James was able to produce something of that caliber on cable.
Yeah, must admit that the cable shows that have made their way over her to the UK have generally seemed to be of equal quality (if not, in some cases, superior) to anything done on the networks. Carnivale was exceptional, to name just one.

Should there ever be a new slayerverse series go ahead, i would much rather see it end up on HBO, for example, and have a thirteen episode season, than go the network route and have yet another thirteen episode series.
That soundsed kind of interesting! Imagin IF Greenwalt IS involved with this one too. IF that is the case (huge guess here) it could be the next best thing to a Whedonverse show on TV.

A lot of IF's that is...

Anther thing though. In't Braniac supposed to be back next season of Smalville??
TV pilot that's about "a conflicted hero who attacks with chains and razors".

Well, if that's all we've got to go on, tough call on what we can expect. Of course, I'll watch James in anything. I do hope it's on network tv or at least basic cable, though. Mainly because I don't get HBO or any of the premium channels. There's always torrents, but I'd rather watch the epi on my big ol' tv, with huge Jamesy goodness.
In't Braniac supposed to be back next season of Smalville??

No, but I think James is supposed to still appear in 6 more episodes this season.
The WB has picked up two more horror themed shows according to Sci-Fi Wire last week. I bet a show headed by James could do very well with Supernatural as a lead in.
Chains and razors. Hmmmm. Doesn't sound like something I would have much interest in. I'm not particularly interested in horror and gore. Not sure I'd tune in to this, even for JM. Of course, this isn't much to go on, and there might be some merit to the show. Time will tell. But I would like to see him have his own show, and I think he could carry one. There are certainly a number of far less talented actors carrying shows now.
This sounds...interesting. And creepy. And weird. But I'm intrigued in where it's going to go.

And, hey, we have a "best of" page now? Gee, now I have a lot of pressure to make that page.

(It's sad when that's my goal for the rest of the year.)
USAWeekend posted this originally, and now it's being picked up in quite a few places. (I would put up a link, but I've tried to do that here and it never works..Yes, I've read the "How to" tips. :) )
I'd prefer him to show up on Law & Order in a suit and with a secret he wants to keep from the cops, but I'll watch this, too.
I think he very nearly did guest in Law and Order didn't he? I seem to remember some sort of mention that he was going to appear on a New York procedural cop show but didn't due to family reasons.
Oh, Simon, don't try to break my heart so close to Christmas. ::weeps in frustration::
He got an offer to be in a tv pilot based in New York as a regular cast member that he turned down for family reasons. I've never heard of him being offered anything on Law and Order. If he had, a guest spot wouldn't necessitate him being away from his family very long assuming it was the one episode guest spots that's typically seen on that show.
Was that what it was? For some reason I thought it was a procedural show like Law and Order. I apologise to Zandra for making her cry. Adam Busch guested in Law and Order, that was cool.
Now there is something you don't see every day. "Law and Order" and "cool" used together in the same sentence.

I've seen "Law and Order" paired with "dull" and "dishwater" before, as well as with the phrase "like watching paint dry, but less interesting", but never with "cool". :D
My gosh. I feel famous, or witty or something. Best of Whedonesque. Oh my.
Doesn't Joss watch Law and Order, or am I being stupid? I think Tim does from memory.
Joss has said he likes procedurals, I think. Don't remember if he mentioned any one in particular.
Yeah, what killinj said--it was a full time role in NY that he couldn't take due to his family commitments.
Joss watches Law and Order? Say it isn't so! Never did i expect the day to arrive when my absolute respect for The Man was tarnished, even slightly.

It's like finding out your god reads the tabloid newspapers, or something. I'm troubled, honestly, i am!
Without a Trace is the procedural I am quite sure he has mentioned.
Yes, strike the Law and Order references from the card - I think I was completely wrong.

I started watching Without a Trace after Tim mentioned he watches it. I quite enjoy it.
Now that one isn't so bad. My girlfriend is actually a big fan of Without a Trace so i've watched quite a few of them. Not all procedural dramas are all that bad and that one at least has interesting characters to get involved in, unlike the bland stereotypes of Law and Order.

My faith in Joss is restored! :)
Razors and chains??? hmmm...could be interesting if they put a supernatural/super hero spin on it. But if it's just some sicko going around cutting people, well that would just be disturbing. Good to see James up for a pilot, would love to hear more about this. Hope this doesn't get in the way with the big return of Spike!! Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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