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December 19 2005

Flipping the Bird - the Jewel and Nathan score keeper site. Trying to keep up with the running gag between Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite? Then this is the site for you.

Ah,one of my friends made this site...

Jewel's winning!
That is awesome!
I want to help Jewel flip Nathan the bird. I guess I have to go to a convention, huh?
Or you can hand-draw a hand giving the bird and send it to Nathan via mail. Sign it "Best regards, Jewel!"
Definitely the most original Firefly fan site I've ever stumbled across, I will say that.
Jewel was asked about the competition at the June 23rd screening in Vancouver and reviewed some of the previous occurrences, including one where Nathan brought her a beautiful jewellery box and when she opened it, he had cut a hole in the bottom and stuck his finger through it. (I believe she also mentioned this at the Flanvention.)
Hey Angel, you got Nathan's email address handy? LOL.
This has got to be the most unusual fansite I have ever seen..and maybe the funniest
I love our captain, but it's just so fun to help Jewel flipping him, that I even feel kind of guilty just for feeling it.
I love things like this site, it adds to the fandom.
Thanks for the lovely comments people, and thanks for giving me a good enough reason to get a profile here :) I'm very grateful!

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