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December 20 2005

O Captain! My Captain! - An Interview with Nathan Fillion. He talks about Halo, Angel, Fans and the Serenity DVD.

A really, really excellent interview. Because, you know, there's some of Nathan's personal opinions in there. Thanks for posting this, Kessie.
Cool interview. And just when I thought Nathan Fillion couldn't get any more down to earth and cool, he talkes about being a 'Halo 2' fan. What a great guy! I love this man, just not in the 'Brokeback Mountain' kind of way! Go Nathan!
Man, that guy's got enough personality for any 3 or 14 people...and it comes through so engagingly.

Have to confess: I never knew that he'd auditioned for the role of Angel...put me on the short bus!
I got an Xbox 360 before Nathan. Hoorah.
Oh, come on...I wanna know who Adam would cast as cliffhangers...

Anyway, a really nice review. Nathan sounds like such a fun person to talk to.
His crack-out casting suggestions make me love him SO MUCH. Seriously, I'm scaring myself here. (Also, Nathan, choose series! go series!)
God, I love that he's a Star Trek/gaming geek. Lends a bit of respectability to the rest of us geeks.

I think of all the Buffy/Firefly/Angel peeps I've met, Nathan is probably the nicest, most accessible, most open, pleasant one. I think hubby got a mancrush after the Kerry fundraiser, he's so swell!
Funny, funny man. But you people should stop stalking him! Or send him a lifetime supply of tissues... [/kidding]
He's also my favorite actor too because of what a great guy he is in real life and how personable he is. And being a Halo fan just makes it even better! And I got an Xbox 360 too but shh, don't tell my kids - it's a secret!! When I saw the "He talks about Halo.." bit I got all excited thinking he got a role in the upcoming movie or that he was going to be in Halo 3 - but it's nice to know that he's a fan of the game - makes him all the more lovable!

And, nothing against DB, but I think Nathan would have made an excellent Angel but I'm glad he didn't get the part because then we wouldn't have had him for Mal and Mal is my all time favorite Whedonverse character and I cannot imagine anyone else in that role.
Star Trek/gaming types seem to be a theme. First JM, and now NF.

Got to say that there is no way I could see NF as Angel. DB rocks in that role. Rocks and role.....I'm tired. lol. I do think NF is good at the comedy, but DB's timing is perfect. And sorry NF but Angel is a way more complex and interesting character than MR. imo. *shrugs*
Such a lovely interview of such a lovely man.
It's funny you should say that, because I always disliked Angel as a character because of the way DB played him. Especially in the early years -- it wasn't until he could cut loose as Angelus that I liked him in any measure, and I still didn't follow him to his own show, and when I finally did, it was two other characters I fixated on: Wes and Illyria. I would've loved seeing NF as Angel, but perhaps it was for the best.
Oh, I wasn't keen on Angel until Angelus either. DB really showed what talent he had when that storyline came up. Until then, and then again in S3, he was pretty much a plot point for Buffy. All he was given to do was brood and make moon eyes at Buffy. Pretty limiting for the character and the actor.

But I did follow him to Angel and on there he blossomed, both character and actor. He was allowed to be so much more than just the boyfriend.

So you only started watching in S5? Wes is a great character and his best season imo were S2 and S3, so I would recommend checking out previous seasons.

Anyhoo, it all comes down to to each his/her own doesn't it. :0)
A great interview. I have to disagree with Nathan on one point, though, I didn't think Firefly looked half baked. Perhaps it wasn't quite as impressive as Serenity in terms of production values, but I thought it was still very impressive for a TV series, and I think its inevitable that any resurrection of a TV series just wouldn't have the same amount of money put into each episode as a film. But I think Buffy, Angel and Firefly illustrate how beautiful and expensive TV can look.
Just want to state that I loved DB as Angel and only meant that it would have been fun to see how NF would have portrayed him too and what he would have made of the character. Probably not a lot of soap fans here but soap operas quite often recast characters and it's always interesting seeing how someone new interprets a role compared to the previous actor or actress.
It looks like Nathan is a Galaxy Quest fan too. Both Tony and Sam were in that very excellent movie. What a great interview.
Can anyone help me out in my embarrassment and remind me where the quote "Oh captain! My captain!" is from? Much appretiated, thanks.

[ edited by Ariane on 2005-12-22 15:06 ]
Very tragic ... (the poem, I mean)
Thanks, Simon!
Must rename it "Oh pilot! My pilot!"

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