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December 20 2005

Alyson Hannigan Meets King Kong. IFilm has put up a short teaser for Date Movie.

Oh dear.

Count me out, ladies and gents...count me out...
Yeah, that one hurt my eyes... *sob* I guess this is one of those "only watching if it's free" kinda movies...
Which is what I'll be doing, Djungelurban, only because I work at the theatres.
Yes, I'll still be going to see this. (Mind you, I do have a fetish for bad movies so that might not be a good indication).
I think I can endure it, just for Aly.
I've got through those awful Charmed episodes, for Charisma, I think I can do something similar for Aly.
Is it wrong to assume that this isn't going to be in the actual movie? I take it that its just to jump on the Kong hype?
Numfar PTB, you actually endured Charmed?!

I feel bad for you, honestly, I pity you. You're like the best Charisma fan ever.

(And, in all honesty, I will still probably see Date Movie at some point for Aly. But I'll probably wait until I don't have to pay for it.)

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2005-12-21 04:29 ]
But I'll probably wait until I don't have to pay for it.

Oh, you'll pay for it. That's two hours of your life you'll never get back.

I thought a teaser was supposed to generate interest in a film...
Finally watched the clip.

Don't think I'll be seeing this anytime soon. Well, anytime at all, actually.

Sorry, AH.

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