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December 20 2005

Joss posts on the US Browncoats site. And surprisingly enough, you have to register to join the fun. Joss announces some sort of home DVD he's made (don't worry, it doesn't involve Britney).

It's posts like that that make me wanna check the Browncoats site more than once a month. That Joss guy's got some way with the words, maybe he should take up writing.

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I luv our funny man.
And I can even hear the unconfortable sneers about the Llamas on the cover.
Hope the disk do sell well.
You know, last night, my partner and I were aimlessly wandering about in the local Fred Meyer's electronics department when we suddenly heard ". . .raggedy edge. . .". I whipped my head around so fast - and there, on a wall full of televisions, was a lengthy promo simulcast (on each TV!) for the DVD release of Serenity. We both stood there with our mouths open, two 50-plus year old women, transfixed by the sight of an entire wall of Jossian goodness. When it was done, we both finally took a breath, and smiled.

I know what I'll be watching tonight!
Ha! I knew someone was arrogant and someone was humble in the whole to-do. I feel completely vindicated.
Sorry to interrupt, but I just had to say this: "m'cookies", best Internet-nickname *ever*. Thanks for that :)

Damn, I love Joss' writing. That first line had me screaming of laughter at 1 in the morning only to realise that there are old people trying to sleep twixt my Whedonesque-related fits of laughing.

Thanks Joss! Your words are nothing if not constant and ever-shiny gold.
Hm, I wonder when I'll get my Serenity. I'll have to run down to the mail and check.

Yes! It came. Thanks to my best friend, I now own Serenity forever and ever!
I loves me some Joss.

I checked out the Hollywood Video and Blockbuster websites today. H'Wood had Serenity featured on the homepage but also posted two really bad reviews (2/4 and 0/4 stars, respectively). B'Buster didn't have it listed as a new release unless you went specifically to the SciFi section. But their "new release" page seemed pretty out of date.

Even though my copy came from Amazon today, I'm thinking about dropping by the local rental place to pick it up. Just because.
I am enjoying my DVD very much. So far I've watched the easter egg and the movie. Very awesome and the DVD menu looks better in motion.
That post was one of the funniest things I have read in a good long while.

And...yes...the Serenity DVD is chock-full of awesomeness. I actually went to my Wal-Mart at midnight to pick up a copy. It took them forty-five minutes to bring the damn thing out (not helped by the fact that I demanded the widescreen version, those artistically ignorant fools!!! *ahem*), but it was well worth it.

Watched it once by itself, still pretty much the best film of all time, and then with the commentary, which enriched the experience even more. I've also thoroughly exhausted the special features.

But one question:

How do you get to the Easter egg?!?!?!?!?!?

The answer would be much appreciated and would save tufts of my hair from losing their homes at the base of my scalp.
Speaking of widescreen version. I hate how they have it labeled on the Dvd. I almost picked up a FULL SCREEN version by accident! Egads. But I looked on the back and saw the aspect ratio and quickly found the good one.

As for the easter egg. Hit left on "play" and a red rectangle should appear on the screen and then hit your enter button.

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Yes, eddy, I also almost took the fullscreen version that the Wal-Mart employee handled stubbornly waiting me. Thank God I realized what it was.

And thanks for telling me about the Easter egg! I shall check it out once I get off the computer...
UnpluggedCrazy you were more observant than me, I came home from Walmart to find that I had accidently bought the 'full screen' when of course I wanted the WIDE screen (sigh). But my Amazon order is the right one, and will come eventually, so this will be my 'loaner' copy.
Ack! embers, I just did the same thing! Bought a copy at EVIL Wal-Mart (for a friend's mom - recruit!), and got home to discover that I grabbed the fullscreen version. *cringe*

I'm usually so anal about that. Guess it was the pressure of grabbing the fuzzy slippers (me) and the C-3PO stuffed doll (nephew) that distracted me.

Serves me right.
Sorry for responding to a comment made so early in the thread, but I can't believe no one has pointed this out yet. The "antagonist" in the movie isn't Mal. Mal would be the protagonist, so he isn't the arrogant one. Or at least he isn't the one being referred to as arrogant in this particular instance.
No DVDs here in UK-land so far as I'm aware.

But I did get the soundtrack today (thank you Cat!) so I reckon that's somethin'.
My local Wal-Mart had one...count it ONE widescreen copy as of 1300 hrs today. My wife says to me...."I was going to get this for you for Christmas, but being as they've only one, it must be selling well, and you shouldn't have to wait. Grab it." Mrs. Joker is the bestest!
So, does anyone else agree with my comments last week that the cover looks much better in the flesh than the publicity photos suggested?

Or is it just me...?
ZZ9, I don't recall stopping to look at the cover (other than registering my disgust that I picked up the wrong format), I just ripped the plastic off, threw the case to one side, and put the disk in the DVD player (where it will remain for the next two weeks, I'm sure). I had thought about printing out 11th Hour's cover and replacing it; BTW did you guys notice that they didn't even include Ebert & Roeper's two thumbs up? Why not?
I'll have to wait for the australian box to get to my mailbox, but in the meantime I'll get my local cd shop to order in the soundtracks to keep me company :)
The design of the cover still leaves much to be desired, but the coloring is much better than the online photos.

I still don't get why there's llamas.
My order didn't arrive yesterday so I went to Future Shop and bought 2 more - the mail orders now become early Birthday gifts for family (which they are getting at Christmas)

m'cookies - speaking of head turning surprises. The boss overheard me griping 'cause my Serenity order hadn't arrived and made the comment he loved the film, and had then bought Firefly and loved it even more.

embers - My DVD player is alternating between Serenity and Season 1 of Veronica Mars which I am watching with my 17 year old daughter.
I picked up Full Screen also. I was just so excited to walk 6 feet into Wal-Mart and there was the display! But when I went to return it, the DVD was selling for $3 more than the store where I bought it. If I hadn't returned it, I never would have known! So remember, look for stores having it at $15.98 instead of $18.98.

Also, it is the primary movie featured in the TV Guide DVD section under "New this week". Super Shiny!
The cheapest I've found it in Canada is $25.99. Is this fair to Canadians? I think not. Especially since Nathan is a Canuck. Go team!
FYE at my local mall was running a sale on their Serenity SRP of $27.99. I got the widescreen version for $19.99, and when I got to the counter, found out there was an additional rebate that brings the price down to $12.99. Shiny! :)

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