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February 28 2003

Explore Joss' brain. A game, featured on the website for "The Genius behind Buffy" a biography of The Joss. Also featured: a quiz.

Wow. What a great site, I love the publisher's off beat approach to the book. I wonder if it'll be released in Europe?

And I got over 3/4 right in the quiz.

*sighs* I ordered it. With the author's signature. How could I not order it?

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I was having a conversation earlier with a fellow fan(atic) of Whedon's work, and he pointed out to me that in the 1913 Webster Dictionary, there's a definition for the word Buffy, which refers to the coagulated plasma of blood when the red corpuscles have so settled out that the coagulum appears nearly colorless. I'd like to ask Whedon's brain if this had anything to do with the choice of calling Buffy "Buffy." And here this guy writing this book spends time learning about how Whedon's brain obsesses about ballet? Huh?
If Joss was a fan of Tom Hanks in 'Bosom Buddies', then we'll know for sure where he got the name from.

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