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December 21 2005

HotTopic now carrying Serenity merchandise. So far only two designs, but hopefully this is a sign of things to come.


This is so cool.

I've often thought that Joss' stuff would fit their niche, and apparently, I was right.
There was an entire range of designs posted several weeks back on the Universal boards, but I've long since lost the URL.

I continue to maintain that this is part of the reason CafePress increased its policing of unlicensed Serenity-related imagery (such as the medallion from the film's logo) over the last month.
eeee! I'm waiting for a Fruity Oaty Bar shirt with the little squid coming out of the girl's blouse, and looking like an actual (bizarre) advertisement, and printed on a cute pink T-shirt.
My mind is in a fuzzy state this morning, this is officially licensed stock presumably?
I remember someone who worked with Hot Topic posted on the Browncoats board back in Sept or Oct that they were gonna submit some Serenity design ideas to their boss and for us to leave suggestions.
I remember someone who worked with Hot Topic posted on the Browncoats board...

That's what I said, sort of.

And Simon, yeah, this is the officially-licensed stuff.

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Looks cool, but pretty limited selection at the moment.

I would kill for a "I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar" T-shirt with Wash's face on it. And probably some plastic dinosaurs somewhere in it.

And most importantly, it must be Asia shipable. :)
They only have the shirts in black? :-/
I want some Blue Sun T-Shirts. Because I'm evil. And because only true fans would get it.
I love this shop. But I hate that when I go there my inner self is instantly taken back to age 15 while my outer self stays stubbornly 38. It's like Band Candy for the soul! (Picture Joyce be-bopping around to Franz Ferdinand. As Buffy hides behind the Emily the Strange display.)

They are sooooo getting a vist from me today!!!
Is this stuff just online, or do they have it in their stores now?
I'll let y'all know! (actually I won't make it there till Friday, but if we don't have an answer by then I will report)
Maybe I'll stop by there today. Of course if it's too crowded, I may get discouraged.
I found the link to the other T-shirt designs


Does anybody know if they take international orders?

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My mind is in a fuzzy state this morning, this is officially licensed stock presumably?

Yes. Because this company has licensed the tshirt rights, I strongly suspect Cafepress will shortly close down much of the Serenity merchandise being flogged. Nature of the beast, and all.
My sister is a manager at a Hot Topic store and when I asked her about the possibility of a Serenity line coming at Thanksgiving she had no idea and hadn't heard anything. She's a big fan too so I'm sure if she had them at her store she'd have let me know immediately (especially where I told her to let me know immediately if it happens). So, I'm guessing for now, it's just online. have prettier shirts, IMO

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Ohh, this is quite exciting.
Thanks, annosuperstar, for the link...those shirts are amazing...better than the Hot Topic designs so far...
I wish, though, that they had the image of River standing there with her bloody axes as the door opens saying "My turn!" instead of her in the freaky semi-split position that nobody can do (and live to tell about it).
I want a shirt with that gorgeous Serenity medallion on front, and "Joss is Boss" in gold on the back. Subtle, but cool.
So maybe a Whedonesque shirt with a picture of Joss holding two axes with blood dripping off them and "My turn" underneath.

Uh, never mind.
They only have the shirts in black? :-/

They are at Hot Topic, the premiere outfitter of disaffected American youth.
I just realised I posted in this topic when I'm supposed to be Whedonesque free for a few days. Busted myself!
They are at Hot Topic, the premiere outfitter of disaffected American youth.

What's the premiere outfitter of unaffected American youth? Gap?
American Eagle?
Abercrombie & Fitch....
And the premiere outfitter of affected American youth?

Fred Segal? Urban Outfitters? Or are those too L.A.?
Can unaffected youth have a premier outfitter? ...Being, you know, unaffected and all.
I've always considered Hot Topic to be the suburban idea of what disaffected youth want to wear. The clothes just try a little too hard to be cool, which means it isn't really cool at all. IMO anyway.
I have to agree with ESG. If it's in the mall, it's not cool to disaffected youth. It's only cool to the posers who wanna be disaffected.
I'm getting the feeling that if I go into this store to see if they have these shirts, I should pretend I would be buying it for someone younger else.
Wow, sorry newcj, you're right. We're totally overlooking the disaffected adults!
I'm in my late 40s and I buy at Hot Topic when I'm in CA - but I am an ex-punk.

IMO - The clothes at Hot Topic are for those who want to conform to the non-conformists uniform.

If that makes sense...
Awesome!! I'm buying the Browncoat shirt right away. :) But I hope they come out with the Buddha and Wanted Mal designs, too, especially...
Now, now, they just want to be different... just like everybody else ;)
Stopped by our local Hot Topic just two days ago and no sign of these shirts yet.

I have to concur with ESG, Rogue Slayer et. al. that HT represents the commercially acceptable version of the goth/punk/HC/death metal genres (I saw total mundane-appearing older folks shopping there yesterday, fer crying out loud). I've heard the term "mall punk" in reference to head-to-toe HT ... and yet I have to admit a guilty attraction to some of their products, Emily the Strange stuff especially. I'll certainly be going back for a Serenity shirt!
Hey, I get my hair dye at Hot Topic. And if I see something cute to purchase what to wear, I'm feeling no disaffected poseur shame in it.
Speaking as a totally mundane-appearing older folk, you never can tell what disaffection is lurking in the heart, and the past, of people who have learned how to keep Corporate America issuing a paycheck to them every couple weeks. The 60's and 70's were interesting times...

Meanwhile it sounds like I have to check out this place just to see what you guys are talking about, as well as to see if the shirts are there. Only problem is, it's in the mall! I really do try not to go there, and in NJ that is tough. The Christmas. (sigh)
The only real punk thing to do is not to give a sh!t. If you like something at HT, buy it and anyone who calls you names cause of it can f*ck right off :D Punk was supposed to be about choice, not about conforming to a specific standard of non-conformity.
The 60's and 70's were interesting times...

If you remember the 60's, you weren't there.

Newcj is right, though; us old codgers can still be pretty disaffected sometimes. OTOH, the bit about conforming to the current standard of non-conformity goes back to the 60's, at least.
"The 60's and 70's were interesting times..."

"If you remember the 60's, you weren't there."

(LOL) I was a very small child at the time. Honest! ...A small child who was admittedly taken to a lot of places that children were not normally taken. Kids see everything, and store it away to figure out later. I remember coming to the conclusion that everybody was crazy. I have not really changed my mind. ;-)

I think conforming to the nonconformist norm to be accepted by the most popular nonconformists is probably as old as human society. Then there are the people who just do whatever they really want to and get shunned by the nonconformists and the conformists. Such a pretty dance. Wouldn't it be nice if Serenity merchandise became part of it all. ;-D
BTW, there are three designs coming up in a HotTopic search for Serenity now -- the addition is one that says "Browncoat" and "I Am To Misbehave."
Ooooh!! That was my next choice!!
Wow, that new Browncoat shirt is a lot better than the River shirt (which would've kicked ass if it didn't have her in that cheesy pose).

Unplugged is seeing Hot Topic in his future...
I bought a great T for an ex-hippie shrink friend at Hot Topic: I don't suffer from delusions, I enjoy them. He wears it with glee.
Ah, yes, that browncoat shirt is very, very cool. I might have to buy that.

On the other hand, those shirts are also cool beyond the telling. I want all of 'em! ;-).

Might have to get at least one of these. I prefer fanshirts which aren't blatantly fanish, so you can wear 'em around 'regular people' without being the fanboy all the time ;).
I 'must' own that browncoat shirt.

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