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"Mr. Dominic, get this man a refrigerator."
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December 21 2005

The Man they call Jayne - an Adam Baldwin interview. The latest in the top notch Serenity interviews from Finally the fandom can get closure on the question about "Who would play whom in a Mel Brooks' version of Firefly?".

A Jayne-like vampire? Oh, I gotta see that movie.
That was great. I especially loved his equating Serenity to Full Metal Jacket. So many of today's classics were poorly received at the box office, so that's really not an indicator of how lasting a property will be.

And, yeah, I agree, ESG. A Jayne-like vampire? Regardless of quality, The Thirst just made my to-see list.
His take on Jayne made me realise how much I want to find out the detailed backstory to all the characters...

Shame to see another Serenity-er starring in yet another pointless B movie. Even if it does have Tom Lenk in it. Not that I wouldn't check it out in a second.
You tell he has so much admiration for Joss. Love that!
I love the bit about Jayne's middle-class mediocrity, and the mom!
I totally wanted an episode where Jayne's mom comes to visit. Maybe she'd knit him a sweater and then get involved in everyone's business. To see Jayne be acting like a mama's boy would be hi-larious.
No more conventions? I am *so* glad he made it to Toronto then this summer when it looked for too long as though we weren't going to get anyone. He really is a nice nice man.
Mel Brooks always plays multiple characters in the spoofs. He should play Joss, Niska and Inara.

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