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December 22 2005

(SPOILER) How 'Alias' might live on. A spinoff featuring Amy Acker has been discussed by the show's creators.

I really hope there's a spinoff. Acker, Anders, and Rifkin? Evil just can't get any sexier than that. Be still my beating heart.
Ooeerrr. A show featuring Amy every week? I'd tune in even if it sucked ;-). I'm still in Alias S4, so I haven't actually seen Amy in S5 yet, but I'm crossing my fingers this'll happen!
I loved Amy Acker's previous (too short) appearances, I thought she was brilliant, and really funny in her maniacal evil. I would definitely watch the show regularly if she (and that character) was the star! I would worry about how long they would be able to sustain it before reforming or redeeming her, but in the mean time it would be great.
Could be interesting. I'll bet my cd collection on it never happening, however. I've watched Alias right from the beginning and i'm still a fan (very much looking forward to seeing the fifth and final season when it gets to the UK) but i would have serious doubts that it has spinoff potential. The show's core is in the Bristow clan and the spy stuff is pretty much secondary. Without Jennifer, Victor and Lena i seriously don't think the story will hold together, no matter how much they try to create a good concept.

However, if Amy wanted to star in a spinoff and play an evil (technically, anyway) character then there is another idea that would be more likely to succeed. Begins with "I", ends in "Llyria" ...
Heh, yep, Vampire With A Gun, I'd love to see that spin-off pretty much more than anything. But for now, I'd settle for any plan that brings more Amy to our screens ;-)

Other than that, I disagree. Yes, the Bristow-clan is the core of the show, but that's why it'd be a spin-off, because the concept and core are different. Otherwise it'd just be 'Alias S6', right? And characters they mention are interesting enough to base a new show around. They don't lose all meaning and depth just because there isn't a Bristow around.

The reason I'm doubting that this'll happen is ratings. Alias isn't a big ratings cannon, right? And aren't ratings for spin-offs usually likely to be less than they were for the parent show (I could be wrong)? In that case, I'm not sure if anyone would actually want to do a spin-off, from a financial point of view.
GVH, that was kind of my point, in roundabout sort of way.

The main reason that most of the people that still tune into Alias do so is because of the Bristows, rather than the spy elements that surround the family. Take away Sydney and all of her (incredibly) extended family and you will likely lose the majority of whatever remaining fanbase you have. A spinoff, therefore, would be very unlikely to work.
If the last 1,5 years of US television has proved anything is that people WILL watch what in teh past would have been considered slightly unusual TV-shows. Lost and teh otehr shows proved that the "fat guy with sexy wife in the suburbs" sit com is just as lame as it sounds. "Reality TV" is lying slowly dying and the networks (while still doing wierd things) are more open to new ideas for television dramas.
Has tehre ever been a show were teh villins are the main characters??
"Has there ever been a show where the villains are the main characters?"

"Profit" comes to mind.
As does Charmed 'The House of Cards'.
Nip/Tuck is about villains in the sense that all the characters are equally detestable and do bad things. But then their version of a villain ranges from a serial-rapist, incestuous eunuch to a transexual pedophiles to your everyday drug dealer, so you're never sure where you stand.
It's not going to happen.

Ratings for Alias S5 have dropped off precipitously from last year, and it's not just the new time slot. I won't spoil the Brits on this forum, so let's just say some of the artistic decisions made by JJ Abrams and staff have not gone down so well with the faithful.

I would watch Peyton (Amy), Sloane (RR) and Sark (Anders) spend an hour dropping off their laundry, then picking up berry muffins for breakfast, but I think I'm an exception rather than the rule at this point. ABC won't risk big money on a spinoff with the original series limping to the finish line.

I'd prefer the ALIAS staff devote their energies to sending the mother series out with a huge bang rather than set up for a spinoff. (The last ep was fan-freaking-tastic.)

[ edited by cjl on 2005-12-22 17:35 ]
I'd obviously have to agree with cjl. I'm also in the minority that probably would enjoy a spinoff featuring those three characters. Sloane and Sark are two of the most interesting "bad guys" since the Mayor graced our screens during season three of Buffy, so i'm certainly not against the idea of the spinoff, just the likelyhood of it happening.

As for said "artistic decisions", if it's the one i'm assuming you are talking about then i, for one, congratulate the writing staff for taking that risk. It was a biggie and a certain specific group of the show's fanbase obviously didn't like it but for the most part it looks like a good decision was made. Especially as this was likely to be the final year anyway and they probably knew that going in. Why not take some risks with the format and go out with a bang?
I'm sorry, but I really don't think so. Amy was wonderful in 'Alias', but I don't see the character growing around in a series in itself. That's a pipe dream (what does that term mean exactly? Always wondered?). Anyway, I'm glad that JJ is closing this series now. Lets face it, the series rocked in the first two seasons, however it faded rapidly in the following seasons. Not quite sure where JJ is going with the ending, but I hope it's worthy. Rather not see it end up like the 'X'Files'.

Back to Amy, she's a wonderful actress. I've a feeling we'll be seeing more of her talent. Again, she's wonderful and I'm sure she has caught several eyes.
"That's a pipe dream (what does that term mean exactly?"

I have no evidence for this and no time to investigate, but I would assume it is referring to a pleasant vision you have because you were smoking something that makes you feel really don't operate machinery, your life is going to hell but you don't care good... ;-)

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